this week`s notice sheet - Leeds (North and East) Methodist Circuit


this week`s notice sheet - Leeds (North and East) Methodist Circuit
The end of February sees the completion of the
second quarter of the J.M.A. year.
Could all those with J.M.A. collection boxes please
pass them to Janet or Phil Lymath or emptying.
We should be at Church on
22nd February & 1st March.
Anyone who has not got a J.M.A. collection box and
would like one, or would like further information,
please do not hesitate to contact Janet or myself.
Many thanks, Phil Lymath
For those involved, the first of the next round of
Stewardship Meetings will take place in
Lent 1
8th February 2015
All Age Morning Worship at 10.30am
led by Rev. John Mason
Steward: Liz Gordon
Vestry Steward: Joan Schofield
Welcoming: John and Jean Booth
Hymn Books: Joan Schofield
Flowers: Mrs Freda Harrington
Refreshments: Sue Bean & Junior Church
Counting: Glynnis Huntington & Emma Wareing
Chairs: Philip Holmes
Church on Thursday 19th at 7.30pm
Myra, Alan and Katie Wilby would like to
thank all the kind people who sponsored
them on their walk.
We had snow blizzards, hail, mud and
thunder and lightening to contend with.
In spite of this we raised £1’200 for the
Alzheimer’s Charity (Gift Aid to be added).
We are very grateful for
your support . Thanks again.
Collection: Sunday 25th January £
Sunday 1st February £ 266.56
Monday Chat…2-4pm
Prayer Group 2nd+4th Monday each month 7.30-9.30pm
Toddlers … …Tuesdays & Thursdays 9.30-11.00am
Lunch Club 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month
Youth Club …………Friday 7.30-9.30pm
Railway Circle ………...….. Last Tuesday of each month
Mid-Week Holy Communion...2nd Wednesday of
each month 10am
Girls’ Brigade ………..….Wednesday 5.45pm-7.45pm
Boys’ Brigade………...….Thursday…5.50 pm-8.30pm
Youth Fellowship………….Fortnightly Sunday 6.30-8pm
Papercraft Plus: 1st & 3rd Fridays each month 1-3.30pm
Your support is needed!
As you know the Church is supporting the building
of a girls’ dormitory at the Matjinge High School in
Zimbabwe and aims to raise £4,000 in 2015
(currently we have already reached the £1,500 mark).
There are Coffee Mornings already planned on the
3rd Saturday of each month and we are asking each
Church group to organise a fund raiser during the
year which I hope you will enthusiastically support.
However if any member of the congregation is
willing to organise a fundraiser themselves, no
matter how big or small, that would be greatly
appreciated. We are particularly looking for ideas
that would engage a wider group of people than
those within the Church so we are not asking the
same people for money.
In order to coordinate ideas could you please get in
touch with me so events can be spread throughout
the year and not duplicated. Information about the
project is on display at the front of Church but I also
have an information pack if that would be helpful.
If you have any further questions or are simply
brimming with ideas then get in touch on 0113
2866387 or email me at [email protected]
Thanks Tim
Contact Margaret Trueman by Wednesday 9pm
‘Phone 2866660
or e-mail: [email protected]
Circuit Website:
Three dates have become available
on the flower rota
26th July, 8th November and 15th November.
A person has offered to do any one of the three dates
so two offers are still required.
Some individuals have 2 or 3 dates per year on the flowers
rota so it would be appreciated if those not on the list
would consider taking one of the dates. Thank you ~Joyce
If you wish to change your allotted date on the flower
rota, please find someone to exchange with and inform
Joyce Robinson and Margaret Trueman {notices}.
~Thank You
ADVANCE NOTICE- Sunday 26th April
please put this date in your diary.
On we are holding a Safari Meal after the morning
services at churches in our Circuit.
"Starters" will be at 12.30pm; ‘Main Courses’ will
be at 1.30pm and ‘Desserts’ will be at 2.30pm
followed by tea/coffee where you have your dessert.
People will travel around our Circuit to different
venues and you will hopefully enjoy the event.
The cost of the meal will be £6 per person.
The tickets will be sold for "a car" which means that
four people will travel together around the Circuit.
Details of where you will be dining will be
shown on the tickets.
If anyone has any flower bags or wrappings I would
be grateful to use/recycle them. They can be given
to me or left on flower table. Thank you, Sharon
Coffee Morning in aid Zimbabwe Project
Saturday 21st of February 10am -12 Noon
Cakes for Cake Stall or Prizes for Tombola
would be gratefully received.
See Sue Croll or Janice Green for any
further information.
For the rest of February food will be collected
in the Link for Meeting Point & not for the
Food Bank. ~Thanks Sharon
There will be no Churches Together Lunch
on 18th February.
Churches' Procession to Celebrate Diversity
18 February (Ash Wednesday), 1pm,
St Johns, New Briggate, Leeds.
After a time of prayer, we will gather at the top of Briggate
and process along the pedestrian precinct and through the
new Trinity Leeds shopping centre, where we open a huge
banner of the flags of the nations.
Rothwell Methodist Church, Butcher Lane, LS26 0DB.
Saturday 7th February 2pm for 2.30pm
Meet Rev Dr Liz Smith, (Chair of the Leeds District ) &
Jenny Benfield of Bury St. Edmunds (Leaders of Worship
& Preachers Trust National Advocate)
Communion devised by Rev Andrew Atkins
Light Concert by the Choir of Parkside Methodist Church
Bring your own food + tea & cake provided.
Come and support the LWPT.
Sunday 15th February 2015
Sunday before Lent
10.30am All Age Morning Worship
led by Mr Ben Machenkanyanga
Steward: Sharon Walker
Vestry Steward: Jean Booth
Welcoming: Pru Caswell
Hymn Books: Christine Pitchfork
Come, Lord Jesus, come.
Come, Lord Jesus, come.
Come, Lord Jesus,
come, to this world of ours.
Francesca Leftley {b. 1955}
(Chosen by the Lane family)
Sunday 15th February 4pm
United Circuit Service @ Shadwell
led by the Discipleship & Worship Priority Team
Church Council Meeting
Tuesday 17th February 7.30pm