Nashik - Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad


Nashik - Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad
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About Yourself
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Why you want to contest in
the BCS Students Council
Still today no achievement I
have to mention here. But the
father of the nationa M. Gandhi
once Said "Be the change you
wish to see I really want to do
great work for my nation. That
time I really thingk that I achieve
I am your of my college, I am
spokperson at Taluka
spokperson of Dindori Taluka
Nationa Dist student congress. I
have organised various event for
enlight ment of youth from ruler
2013-14 Ladies representative in
NBI Law college, Nashik, 201415 Cultural Representative in
NBT Law Collage, active in social
& Political
governing/Conference held in
nashik, Member of Student
council of Pune uni. 2013-15
I want to do social service. My
ambition in life is to do
something for my in otherland.
I want to do the service for
poor perople in india about
poverty, education of health.
India is the largest democracy in
the world. India is country of
Mahatmas, Saints, Philosopher,
formers & everyone who really do
the great work for the nation.
India is great.
The BCS is a platform for students
who really want to do the best for
our country & through this
medium we really do something
great. Social work for our dist as
well as nation.
I am keen learner, avit render I
have intrest in study of indian
nationalism, I admire to be
inspiring leader of my nation. I
want to explore whole world in
my life. I belive on principle of
mahatma gandhi.
Coming from a small town
having vision egal commitment
towards work, belive of Root
change & development theory
having leadership quality and
influeive personality to change
the world participant of BCS 3,
4, 5 and so on come……to
energy for a better india.
India is a great country or ethics
values and culture. India have
strenght to be super power in
corning decade india is a nation
which will lead world with dignity
and values.
It a platform to get exposure. I
yeas I am influenced by student
council member that they have
sud ethurian my vision is to
introduce this platform to ruler
Mahatma Gandhiji forum of our
nationhas given us the golder
mantra ofworld peace which I
want to spread the world by
working in social life and by being
a leader spread be world words of
gandhiji so mat we donat head
toward 3rd world war.
Giving my work a bigger stage like
BCS students council elections,
and racing and working with other
active leaders, bringing my self
and others who work for a good
course together, so that working
for 1000 we can work for 10000
bringing my friends from tribal
are, connecting them to BCS and
helping them to get inspired to
work a direction.
1854 Kapil Khandu
B. Sc.
3815 Javalkar Vitthal
B. A.
1471 Komal Suresh
L.L. B.