eSecuritel National Retail Solution



eSecuritel National Retail Solution
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eSecuritel National Retail Solution
eSecuritel’s Flexible Mobile Phone Insurance
Reaches Millions via 1,500 Door Big Box Retailer
2 3 2 5 L a k e v i e w P a r k w a y , A l p h a r e t t a , G e o r g i a 3 0 0 0 9 FAST FULFILLMENT
Industry Leading
Extended Call Center
Advanced Exchange, Hybrid, In-Store
eSecuritel Case Study
National Retail
Insurance Coverage
Provide an easy-to-enroll, carrier-agnostic mobile phone protection plan to
guests who purchase mobile phones and service plans in one of the
nation’s largest big-box retail chains. Deliver a comprehensive lost, stolen,
damage insurance plan, not the typical retailer extended warranty-only
Our Challenge: Provide an easy-toenroll, carrier-agnostic mobile phone
protection plan for national retailers.
Add fully compliant lost and stolen
coverage to typical extended warranty.
The Solution: eSecuritel integrated
with point of activation system,
executed regulatory filings, and
delivered national field support.
Advanced Results:
eSecuritel integrated with a point of activation system to deliver a
seamless insurance enrollment while guests purchased a mobile phone or
service plan. eSecuritel compliance experts efficiently handled all
regulatory filings on behalf of the retailer. Concurrently, eSecuritel
executed full field training and support to educate retail staff about the
program value and simple process to ensure an outstanding customer
experience when enrolling customers in the program. Since every square
foot of retail space is maximized, eSecuritel account management and ondemand back-end reporting monitors and adjusts performance at the store
or district level.
eSecuritel launched a point-of-activation mobile phone
protection plan in 1,530 retail outlets of one of the nation’s
largest big box retailers 2 months ahead of plan.
The program launched ahead of schedule because of
eSecuritel’s established and proven launch processes that
encompass operations, technology, regulatory filings, and
field training.
The retailer offers more than extended warranty because
eSecuritel ensured the program was fully compliant with
state-level departments of insurance based on its
experience launching more than 50 programs.
Pre-launch training resulted in every location launching
within one week of each state’s Department of Insurance
approving the program.
eSecuritel’s proprietary Handset Information Tracking
System (HITS) was integrated with Consensus’ point-ofsales system to provide easy enrollment
Black Friday weekend 2013 achieved attach rates of 122%
of plan
Higher than planned take rates.
Industry-unique full insurance
Dedicated account manager
continually enhances program
Industry Leading
Complete rollout ahead of plan
Extended Call Center
Advanced Exchange, Hybrid, In-Store