Retail ConnectSM



Retail ConnectSM
Retail Connect
Streamline your workplace
The Retail Connect program from OfficeMax Workplace combines the
power of your organization’s pricing with the convenience of shopping
in-store. To enjoy this benefit, simply present your Retail Connect card
or key fob at checkout.
> Essentials Made Accessible
Retail Connect is a great option for
addressing last-minute needs for those
who prefer an in-store experience.
> Connect to Convenience
Receive your Retail Connect card or
key fob, and then use them in-store on
> No Cost to OfficeMax Workplace
Receive negotiated contract pricing* on
items purchased at any OfficeMax retail
location—with no program fees or costs.
Contact your account manager and
start enjoying the benefits of Retail
Connect today!
*Items or products may vary in-store.
> Signing Up Is Simple
To begin using the Retail Connect
program, simply contact your
account manager to sign up.
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