Mission Hospital case study



Mission Hospital case study
Mission Hospital // Case Study
Streamlining the Workplace
Helping healthcare organizations manage printing costs
Case Study Snapshot
Workplace Challenge:
> Hospital’s print demands
were out of control—multiple
vendors; no visibility into
costs or trends
> 20% of $400,000 annual print
budget lost to obsolescence
Workplace Solution:
> Shift to a Print-on-Demand,
variable-cost model
Workplace Results:
> Efficiency: Increased
response time and reduced
delivery errors; increased
> Cost savings: Reduced
print costs by 35% annually
for hospital and 51% for
surgery center
> Control: Increased
visibility into spend with
real time reporting/order
status; reduced risk and
improved compliance
Business Challenge
For nearly 40 years, Mission Hospital (mission4health.com) has been providing
care in Mission Viejo and Laguna Beach. Unfortunately, its print demands were
out of control.
Mission Hospital delivers high-quality, compassionate care through two acute care
facilities and a surgery center. The healthcare organization’s print process was not
delivering on a number of fronts—associates were using multiple vendors so there was
no visibility into costs or trends and 20% of its $400,000 annual print budget was lost to
obsolescence. Tired of looking out his window and seeing boxes and boxes of unused
forms piling up in dumpsters, the Director for Materials Management at Mission Hospital
knew it was time to explore the true cost of printing and streamline the workplace.
Workplace Solution
Understanding the hospital’s dilemma, the OfficeMax team—a long-time
office supplies partner with the hospital—broached the idea of streamlining the print
process and reducing obsolescence. The answer? Switching Mission Hospital to a
Print-on-Demand digital solution.
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Mission Hospital // Case Study
Under this variable-cost model, Mission Hospital would be
able to respond faster to regulatory changes and mandates,
improve compliance, reduce obsolescence, generate
significant savings and free up space used to house
inventoried forms. The OfficeMax solution
included no penalties related to quantity or content changes,
so this cost-per-copy program would provide pricing
transparency and consistency, both of which were critical
to the mission of the hospital.
> Increased standardization
> Freed up associates to spend more time on patient care
Cost savings
> Reduced print costs by 35% annually for hospital and
51% for surgery center
> Reduced freight charges for print orders
> Increased visibility into spend—the OfficeMax
platform placed real time reporting/order status at the
fingertips of Mission’s Hospital’s materials management
team, allowing spend to be monitored by location, cost
center, end user, etc.
Once awarded the business, the OfficeMax
team established an aggressive 4–6 week timetable.
Activities included:
> Engaging “web-to-print” to build “folders” and
customize the user site
> Reduced risk and improved compliance—associates
manage version control on the OfficeMax
online platform
> Securing a full-time designer to help manage edits
to existing files
> Automating individual catalogs and streamlining
Said Michael Kohler, Director of Materials Management,
Mission Hospital, Mission Viejo and Laguna Beach: “By
implementing the OfficeMax solution, we
reduced our on-site inventory of forms, which not only
improved efficiency in managing our printed materials but
also allowed us to convert 385 square feet of valuable space
to use in revenue generation for the hospital.”
the process (700 forms)
> Tying end users to specific documents that they
were responsible for
> Loading specifications and pricing
> Providing web training and user guides
Workplace Results
Streamlining the workplace by switching to a
Print-on-Demand process has benefited Mission
Hospital on three levels:
> Increased response time—compared to a 2–3 week
turnaround previously, Mission Hospital was able to enjoy
a 24-hour response time (in most cases) on upwards of
20 proofs a day
> Provided desktop delivery of the print order along
with office supplies ordered
“Helping a healthcare organization shine the light on the
print process has been a rewarding experience,” concluded
Dale Dillon, OfficeMax National Account Manager.
“The Mission team truly valued our hard work and effort
throughout the entire process, and they too are proud of
their own accomplishments.”
To learn more,
visit officemaxworkplace.com
or call 877.969.OMAX (6629).
> Facilitated cost allocation at order entry to reduce
time and errors
officemaxworkplace.com | 877.969.OMAX (6629)
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