Letter to shareholders



Letter to shareholders
Statement from various directors of Asia Pacific Gold Mining Investments Ltd. (“APGMI”)
February 11, 2015
Directors Michael Cunningham, Philippe Cappelle and David Mapley provide the following statement,
that is not the view of the full board of directors of APGMI.
Dear shareholders, we have become aware in recent months of the strong ties between Virgin Gold
Mining Corporation (“VGMC”), Asia Gold Mining Asset Corporation (“AGMAC”), VG Resources (“VGR”),
and finally APGMI, with London Capital group and its executives as the common instigator.
We are very alarmed at the magnitude of investor losses in Asia and Middle East, and have shared our
concern about the actions of the London Capital group and its officers, acting in concert across the
above-mentioned 4 companies, with the relevant regulators and law enforcement bodies. London
Capital NZ Limited had its market membership terminated recently by the GXG Regulatory Team. We
understand that these 4 companies are only a few of various companies under investigation worldwide,
but as directors of APGMI we feel duty-bound to help our shareholders where we can.
We expect to be removed as directors of APGMI on February 20th. by the majority, controlling
shareholder of APGMI, namely London Capital Advisers, with sole director and shareholder Thomas Yi,
whom we have directly questioned and challenged. Until that time, however, we feel duty bound to
represent the best interest of APGMI and all its shareholders, whilst continuing to work closely with the
authorities to bring those guilty of fraud and deception to justice in the near term. .
/s/ Michael Cunningham
/s/ Philippe Cappelle
/s/ David Mapley

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