Hampton Inn, 875 S. Allen St., Meridian, ID 83642



Hampton Inn, 875 S. Allen St., Meridian, ID 83642
March 4, 2015
Observation Point Homeowners Association Annual Meeting
7:00pm Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Hampton Inn, 875 S. Allen St., Meridian, ID 83642
The agenda for the meeting is as follows:
1. Call to order
2. Review and approve minutes from last year’s meeting
3. Unfinished business from last year’s meeting, if any
4. Financial Review
5. Board activity highlights
6. Vote on ballot issues
a. Election of Board of Directors – five Directors will be elected
7. Homeowner agenda items
a. Neighborhood social media – nextdoor.com
b. Rebate or partial rebate of dues
8. Last minute agenda items
9. Adjourn
Ballots may be submitted email to [email protected]ian.com or in person to any current board
member. Ballots submitted before the meeting must be delivered before the meeting begins. Ballots delivered in
person must be received before the meeting adjourns.
Homeowners/lots with delinquent dues from 2014 or earlier are not eligible to vote.
Richard Chaney, Secretary
Brent DeSpain, President; Jennifer Blood, Treasurer; Geoff Dalessio, Director, Heidi Allen, Director
2015 Observation Point Homeowner’s Meeting Ballot
Vote for no
more than
Email (optional):
Phone (optional):
Board of Directors Nominees
Jennifer Blood
Rich Chaney
Geoff Dalessio
Brent DeSpain

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