Everything you need to know to succeed in business with Asia.


Everything you need to know to succeed in business with Asia.
Everything you need to know to
succeed in business with Asia.
The key to doing business in or with Asia is understanding the market.
The Roy Morgan Asian Omnibus can answer all your questions.
Roy Morgan Research interviews thousands of consumers every
week in key Asian countries, including Indonesia, China, Hong
Kong, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore & South Korea.
For about the cost of a focus group, we’ll add a question for you
and provide the answer from any of the above markets.
Choose individual countries or selected groups (e.g. China,
South Korea, India, New Zealand) as required.
As more Australian companies recognise the boundless
opportunities in Asia, the single-biggest hurdle is the lack of
knowledge. Or, fear of the unknown, the unfamiliar.
Now, whether it’s almonds or milk, supermarkets or e-commerce,
medical research or ferries, The Roy Morgan Asian Omnibus can
provide the answers - very quickly and remarkably economically.
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The Roy Morgan Asian Omnibus.
7% of
intend to
buy a fridge
in the next
12 months.
54% of
Chinese own
a car
27% of
but only 1%
of Vietnamese
have a
99% of
Thais have a
but only 85%
but only 3% of
Indians do.
of Taiwanese
The Omnibus covers the main cities plus outer urban areas in China, India, Vietnam and
complete National coverage of Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea,
Singapore, New Zealand & Australia.
Key Facts:
Frequency - Monthly
Delivery format - Excel/ASTEROID.
Sample size - n = 1,000 interviews per country
Client data Standard Demographics provided:
Qualified respondents - All people aged 14+
- Sex, Age, Area, Employment Status, Occupation,
Education (quintiles), Household Income (Quintiles)
and Living Arrangements.
Sampling - Sample stratified by area with quotas
controlled by age, sex, and where appropriate, SEC
This is the fastest, easiest, most reliable and most
cost-effective way of gaining an understanding of your
Methodology - Face-to-Face in India, Singapore,
Indonesia and Vietnam. Phone in other markets.
Markets - The Asian Omnibus covers the following:
China, South Korea, India, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan,
Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia.
product category in these key Asian markets.
Which Asian markets offer the
greatest opportunities for you?
For full details of the Roy Morgan Asian Omnibus call Vaishali Nagaratnam, +61 3 9224 5309
or email [email protected]
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Weighting - Data projected to population estimates