ALC2016 2차 안내서-Eng-Web - Asian Leadership Conference


ALC2016 2차 안내서-Eng-Web - Asian Leadership Conference
May 17-18, 2016
The Shilla Hotel, Seoul, Korea
Presidential Committee
for Unification Preparation
Bang Sang-Hoon
President & CEO,
Today we are living in an age of chaos.
The world stands at an unprecedented crossroad. Northeast Asian political landscape is unstable due to
the North Korean nuclear issues as well as the changes in the relations among both Koreas, China and
Japan. At the same time, the global economy is confronted with the threat of a prolonged recession stemming from the sluggish growth of the Chinese economy. Europe is engulfed with a fear of an influx of
Syrian refugees and potential terror attacks by the Islamic State. With the presidential election coming this
fall, the United States remains uncertain as to when the country’s economy will break out of its current
Likewise, South Korea is also faced with a time of crisis with continuing sluggish growth and lack of
decent jobs for the younger generation; these have provoked major social discontent. More than ever, we
need to meet our challenges head-on and think outside the box in order to usher in a new age of prosperity. This calls for a ‘creative destruction’ in not only the corporate sector but also in the government,
education and labor sectors. It is only with such steps that we will be able to find renewed hope and direction for all. In our effort to prepare ourselves for a new future, the 7th Asian Leadership Conference, under
the theme ‘Asia Tomorrow: Innovation 4.0’, has brought together experts from all over the world, who will
present their remarkable insights on innovation at the conference. We cordially invite you to join this year’s
Asian Leadership Conference where we explore a new path for Korea, Asia and the world.
The world is experiencing dramatic changes. Firm beliefs and strong optimism have crumbled while terror
attacks, localized wars and security threats have intensified. Mired in the trap of population aging and
sluggish economic performance, societies and companies are having difficulty finding a new impetus for
growth. In this ‘new normal’ age of chaos and uncertainties, we are in desperate need of true innovation
that propels us through the current crisis.
Under the theme ‘Asia Tomorrow: Innovation 4.0’, which will be a quantum jump for fundamental
changes, this year’s Asian Leadership Conference (ALC) brings together top leaders and intellectuals to
share their knowledge and insight. It will serve as a platform for exploring ways to create a vision for future
Joko Widodo
President of Indonesia
George W. Bush
Former President of the United States
Gerhard Schroeder
Former Chancellor of Germany
Jenny Shipley
Former Prime Minister of New Zealand
George Papandreou
Former Prime Minister of Greece
Masoumeh Ebtekar
Vice President of Iran
Jean-Vincent Placé
Minister of State for State Reform and Simplification of France
Kono Yohei
Former Speaker of the House of Representatives of Japan
Dai Bingguo
Former State Councilor of the People's Republic of China
Wolfgang Clement
Former German Minister of Economics and Labour
Fleur Pellerin
Former Minister of Culture and Communications of France
Elsa Fornero
Former Minister of Labour, Social Policies and Gender Equality of Italy
Dirk Hilbert
Mayor of Dresden
Walter Sharp
Former Commander of ROK-US Combined Forces Command
Richard Bush
Senior Fellow of Center for Northeast Asian Policy at Brookings Institution
Walter Lohman
Director of Asian Studies Center at The Heritage Foundation
Taleb Rifai
Secretary General of UNWTO
Cherie Blair
Chancellor of the Asian University for Women / Wife of the Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Angus Deaton
Professor of Economics and International Affairs at Princeton University / Winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Economics
Robert Gordon
Professor of the Social Sciences at Northwestern University
Jeffrey Sachs
Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University
Iwata Kazumasa
President of Japan Center for Economic Research
Hans-Paul Buerkner
Chairman of The Boston Consulting Group
Xue Lan
Dean of Public Policy and Management at Tsinghua University
Jerry Kaplan
Fellow at The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics / Author of ‘Humans Need Not Apply’
Martin Ford
Author of ‘Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future’
Tony Seba
Professor at Standford University / Author of ‘Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation’
Bernard Werber
Novelist / Author of ‘Empire of the Ants’
Charles Duhigg
Reporter for The New York Times / Author of ‘The Power of Habit’
Luc Donckerwolke
Head of Hyundai Design Center
George R. Roberts
Co-Chairman & Co-CEO of KKR
Bruce Flatt
CEO of Brookfield Asset Management
Justin Rockefeller
Co-founder and Member of the Board of The ImPact / Global Director of Addepar
Eugene Kaspersky
CEO of Kaspersky Lab
Joe So
CTO of Huawei Enterprise Business Group
Barbara Sosnowski
Vice President and Global Head of Pfizer External R&D Innovation (ERDI) – Asia/Pacific
Yang Lan
Chairperson of the Sun Media Group
Melissa Yang
Co-founder & CTO of
Allen Zhu
Vice President of Heyi Group & CEO of Heyi Film
Henry De Sio
Global Chair for Framework Change at Ashoka Innovators / Former COO 2008 Obama Presidential Campaign
Chung Chong Wook
Vice Chairman of the Presidential Committee for Unification Preparation
Day 1: 17 May (Tue)
Leader & Innovation
The Better Society
Collaboration for Regional
Peace and Security
Young Asian Leaders
Opening Ceremony
Dialogue with Former
President George W. Bush
Today's North Korean
Young Talents Seen
through the Eyes of
PUST Professors
Keynote Speech by Former
State Councillor Dai Binguo
Asia Tomorrow:
Securing Peace and
Stability in Northeast Asia
The Power to
Mesmerize Customers
The Future of
Dior & Prada in Pyongyang:
Different Perspectives of
Foreigners in North Korea
Smarter, Faster, Better
Keynote Speech &
Innovation 4.0
Growth, Prosperity and
Inequality, Past, Present,
and Future: Global and
National Perspectives
<Chosun Debate>
Sharing Economy:
Should it Be Expanded,
or Regulated?
Government Innovation:
Efficiency through
Innovation in
Labour Market
via Flexibility
Innovation &
Economic Growth
Sustainable Pension
Global Philanthropy:
Caring Beyond Borders
Innovation &
Inclusive Growth
How to Maximise
Social Responsibility of
Regional Development:
How to Fish Rather than
to Give a Fish
Women's World:
Should Gender Be an Issue?
Higher Education
for 21st Century Needs
Learning from History:
The Road to Unification
l Korea Research Institute for
National Strategy-Brookings
Institution l
Changing Nature of
Security Environment
in East Asia Surrounding
North Korea’s Nuclear and
Missile Problems
l Heritage Foundation l
The US-ROK Alliance
Beyond the Peninsula
l Heritage Foundation l
What Transatlantic
Relations Can Do
for the Pacific
Korean Gourmet in China
Design Your Dream Car
Embrace Challenges
The Art of Self-Branding
Imagine Big!
Cocktail Reception
Keynote Speech & Dinner
The Young Asian Leaders (YAL) program, a global network of talented individuals from Asia,
will be launched at this year’s ALC. In this program, much sought-after writers, chef, designer
and entrepreneurs will share their experience to encourage young leaders in making their
dreams come true.
Day 2: 18 May (Wed)
Global Economic Outlook
Focus on China
Machine Learning
Start-up Revolution
Health Tech
In-depth Report on
Chinese Start-ups
Big Data is Money
Now & Future
of Creative Economy
Finding Unicorns
< Chosun Debate >
AI vs. Human
Why is Global Growth
So Slow and Fragile?
Connected World:
Huawei's Global
Smart City Strategy
Keynote Speech &
Global Flow of Funds:
How It Would Affect
Market Prospects
Watch Out!
Chinese O2O is Coming
AI Disruption:
Utopia or Dystopia
IoT Changes All
<Chosun Debate>
Chinese Economy:
Up or Down?
Killer Contents
in Chinese Internet Space
Robot &
The Future of Jobs
l SparkLabs l
Silicon Valley's
Secret Formula
Alzheimer's Disease:
How Far Have We Come
Market Opportunities for
Entrepreneurs and Investors
Strategy to Develop
Blockbuster Drug
l MIT l
Innovations in
Real Estate Market
in US & Europe:
Chasing for Yields
Oil & Commodity Prices
in 2016
over Hollywood?
How to Drive
Driverless Cars
Biotech Revolution
How to Start-up
by Mellisa Yang
Drug Technology
Transfer Knowhow
Cancer Immunotherapy
Drug, Paradigm Shift in
Cancer Therapy
Bring Clarity to Brain Tissue
VR Transforms Lifestyle
P2P & The Future
of Financial Service
Distinguished scholars and thinkers from around the world come together for a heated
on-stage debate. With pride at stake, the debate panels voice their opinions regarding the
most pressing issues of our time. Immediately after the debate, the audience cast real-time
ballots to determine which side was more convincing.
and Innovation
The world is in urgent need of leadership that can usher in an age of complete
transformation. As we look for answers to our challenges such as pension, labor
and education reforms - issues where the solemn reality of today and great uncertainty about the future are interwoven – we will turn to countries and their leaders
who have successfully implemented innovation processes.
The Better Society
With the global village becoming closer, the threat of cyberattacks and infectious
diseases like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) has grown as well. Can
the good faith of humanity make a difference? We will examine women’s leadership, corporate social responsibility and the evolution of sharing that now goes
beyond the simple act of giving out food and water.
Collaboration for
Regional Peace
and Security
The think tanks Brookings Institute, National Strategy Institute and the Heritage
Foundation will shed light on the North Korean nuclear issue and the security in
Northeast Asia while the Tongilnanum Foundation – whose membership has
grown to over 1.5 million since its inception just eight months ago – will share their
vision for the future. In addition, international photographers and journalists will
offer a close look at people in North Korea.
Global Economic
How do major economic players and business experts see the outlook for the
global economy? Academics will engage in a heated debate on the struggling
economy of China, the growth engine for the entire globe, and experts from Wall
Street juggernauts will discuss the outlook for real estate, energy and commodity
Focus on China
Learn about the true colors of a young China – how IDG Capital played a crucial
role in starting Tencent and Baidu, how Huawei’s smart city strategy has unfolded
as it makes inroads into global markets and how, China’s answer to Air
B&B, has come to replicate the success of the original. Whatever you imagine,
you will see more of China.
Machine Learning
The world watched intently as the Go master Lee Sedol and the artificial
intelligence AlphaGo engaged in epic matches. In the field of big data, Internet of
Things, robots, driverless cars, and virtual reality, world-renowned experts will
share their insight into how far technological innovation has come and where it is
Start-up Revolution
Brick-and-mortar companies have given way to Apple, Google and Facebook. In
China, start-ups like Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent have increasingly become a
force to be reckoned with. Where does Korea stand in this changing business
landscape? We will look at A to Z of -accelerating start-ups and learn the success
story of MIT’s start-up initiative.
Health Tech
How is the biotech revolution changing our perception about health, fitness,
disease, and longevity as well as our day-to-day life? The sessions will present
how far we have come in curing difficult diseases like cancer and where we stand
and where we are headed in developing new drugs that would make humanity
free from diseases.
Conference Secretariat
52, Sejong-daero 21-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: +82-2-724-6394~6396
Fax: +82-2-724-6399
E-mail: [email protected]

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