“East Asian and Global Contents: Exploring Possibilities and


“East Asian and Global Contents: Exploring Possibilities and
William Paterson University
The 10 Annual Teaching Asia Conference
“East Asian and Global Contents: Exploring Possibilities and
April 14th, 2015 (12:30pm-6:00pm) UC Ballroom C
In the current climate of high stakes on student achievement and teacher reforms, collaboration among teachers
and coordination of instructional contents are keys to fulfilling students’ learning potential. The Common Core
State Standards encourage interdisciplinary collaborations and integrated instructions in lesson development and
delivery. Integrating Asia into various subject instructions can open up possibilities for innovative ways to help
teachers meet the higher-level standards. This conference explores how East Asian contents and cross-cultural
lessons can enhance students’ ability to compare and contrast, critical thinking, and global perspective by
introducing new materials and subject/topic areas often omitted in the current curriculum. New Jersey teachers
with overseas learning experiences share cross-cultural lesson plans involving Korean history, language arts,
science, art, and business, aligned to the NJ Core Curriculum Contents and the State’s Common Core Standards.
Asian Studies Program; Department of History
College of Humanities and Social Sciences; College of Education
Continuing and Professional Education
Gandhian Forum of Peace and Justice
Keynote speech is sponsored by AAS NEAC Distinguished Speaker Bureau Grant
Dr. Theodore Cook, Director Asian Studies Program.
Dr. Kara Rabbitt, Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Student Panel (Light lunch is served) “Taking Asia with You When You Graduate”
Rachel Fiekowsky (ASN Graduate 2012) Peaches Bocalan (Senior, ASN & Secondary
Education) Diosana Rivera (Senior, ASN & History), and Ruth Midence (Gilman Student
Scholar to Korea 2014) and Christina Clarry (English Program in Korea 2015) via SKYPE
Keynote Speech “Globalizing Korea: From the Hermit Kingdom to K-pop”
Dr. Charles K. Armstrong, Columbia University, Association for Asian Studies Northeast
Council Distinguished Speaker (Sponsored by AAS NEAC Distinguished Speaker Grant)
Workshop for Teachers I
“Lesson Plans in Science, Technology, and Arts with Asian Contents”
In this workshop, participants will be introduced to science, business/technology, and art
lesson plans integrating the history, culture, and science tradition of Korea. The lesson plans
are created and presented by the Fulbright-Hays GPA South Korea participants. Audience will
choose to attend one of the two concurrent presentations.
• Science and Technology Table: Dr. Heejung An (Facilitator. William Paterson
University); Mary Bonitatibus-Garrity (Eastside High School, Paterson); James Kiamie
(International High School, Paterson)
• Asian Art Table: Dr. Laura Fattal (Facilitator, William Paterson University), Ivan Rosa
(International High School, Paterson), Alexandra Vervoordt (Ringwood Christian School)
Workshop for Teachers II
“East Asian and Cross-Cultural Lesson Plans for Common Core Skills”
This workshop includes two concurrent presentations and discussions of lesson plans on
language arts and history. Participants of Fulbright-Hays GPA South Korea will present
sample lesson plans with cross-cultural contents aligned with the NJ Core Curriculum
Contents and Common Cores State Standards.
• History Table: Dr. Keumjae Park (Facilitator, William Paterson University);
Melissa Diaz (Tenafly High School), Sean Coogan (Shepard Schools), Scott Demeter
(Bergen Academies)
• Language Arts Table: Dr. Carrie Hong (Facilitator, William Paterson University);
Samantha Kopp (Rockaway Township Schools); Shanthia Williams (Phillips Academy
Charter School, Newark), Yeimi Vasquez (William Paterson University), Chelsea Olsen
(William Paterson University)
Post-program Dialogue and Reception (Light food is served) “Bringing Asia to Your
School: Resources and Networking Opportunities”
This is an optional reception session which explores and showcases various ways to assist
students’ exposure to global and Asian cultures and contents. Topics of dialogue include
resource sharing, display of books and other teaching materials for lessons on Asia, and
connecting with schools in Asian countries for student activities and exchanges.
*Teachers can earn PD hours by attending the keynote speech and the afternoon
workshops between 2-5pm. Please register at the on-site registration table.
Map and parking directions: https://wpconnect.wpunj.edu/map/map.html