RENEE K. STANZIONE EDUCATION William Paterson University of New Jersey


RENEE K. STANZIONE EDUCATION William Paterson University of New Jersey
28 Catherine Court * Ringwood, NJ 07456 * (201)-638-8238 * [email protected]
William Paterson University of New Jersey
GPA: 3.0
Bachelor of the Arts, Communication: Concentration in Public Relations
Florida Gulf Coast University
Completed 34 credits in a Bachelor of the Arts for Communication
Wayne, NJ
May 2013
Fort Myers, FL
Aug 2008-January 2010
Corporate Social Responsibility Plan – William Paterson University 2012
• Chose a company that I thought had a great CSR perspective and set out different and new plans to show how much the
company cares for CSR. It included a business overview with a CSR twist and also CSR recommendations.
Public Relations Plan – William Paterson University, Spring 2012
• Chose a company and designed a public relations plan in order to improve the company’s sales and the company’s ranking.
Developed a SWOT analysis, strategic approach, event planning and key messages along with objectives.
Individual Case Study – William Paterson University, Spring 2012
• Reviewed a case study and had to evaluate and explain the flaws and analyze ways to help promote that case in a more
positive light and explain the ways that they didn’t help themselves improve
Group Case Study – William Paterson University, Spring 2012
• Within a group had to evaluate the topic of community relations and find literature to back up our research question and
explain how community relations had an impact on sales
First And Last PR, Englewood NJ
PR Intern/Account Coordinator
Aug 2012 – Dec 2012
• Performed various PR skills such as:
- Met with beauty editors to discuss our beauty client, Oyin Handmade
- Wrote press releases, media alerts, pitch stories about the several fashion/beauty/lifestyle clients
- Put together packages to mail out to editors
- Put together e-mails about the upcoming event for our accessory client, Paralux and sending them to
numerous amounts of accessory editors; also following up on e-mails pertaining to it.
- Edit information pertaining to press release/media kits etc
- Planned an event for our lifestyle client, She’s the First, which was raising money at a tie-dye cupcake
sale to help girls in the developing world be the first in their families to graduate
Gourmet Café Italian Bistro, Parsippany, NJ
PR Assistant/Waitress/Manager March 2010- Present
• Performed various PR activities such as:
- Meet with potential customers to discuss event logistics and themes
- Plan special events and adhere to determined event themes
- Worked with spreadsheets to track and document customer information and restaurant information
- Designed e-mail promotions, poster promotions, dinner and lunch menus
- Take lunch/dinner orders, Set-up the dinner room for meals, Answer phone calls regarding reservations
Public Relations Society of America Bronze Anvil Judge
• Evaluated company portfolios regarding their public relations plan to promote the new product in a unique way. Judged
based on the information that was given and how well it was put together, in order to choose the best contestants to be placed
in the next level of competition.
• Proficient in speaking and interpreting sign language
• Skilled in the use of MS Word, Excel and most computer skills
• Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest

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