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Remember in Your Prayers - Limestone Presbyterian Church
Remember in Your Prayers (February 27, 2015)
Mary Brunt is having a second surgery on her leg this Friday afternoon.
Paula Cooper will have complete knee replacement surgery this Monday.
Fred Paleen had successful minor surgery on Wednesday and is now home.
Ann Miller had surgery on Monday at University of Pennsylvania and hopes to come home today.
Susan Ramsey is recovering from lung surgery and is thankful for no cancer!
Irvine Powell has the flu. He will be 99 on March 3!
Bob Erdody has moved. His new address is 726 Loveville Rd. Cottage 2 Hockessin, DE
19707-1515. His new phone number is 302-235-8402.
Fred Kirschman will be moving to Lewes, Delaware soon, we wish him well!
Pat McCombie is recovering from knee surgery.
Elizabeth McNeill is recovering from hip surgery at Cadia Rehab and hopes to come home this
Bill Nuneville is undergoing chemotherapy for mesothelioma.
Dave Zecher is in a clinical trial at the National Institute of Health.
Sharon Richardson appreciates prayers.
Bill Hassall is home and welcomes visitors!
Kate Wardell is home and welcomes visitors!
Mary Brown is in Hospice Care.
Jay Weber’s recovery is slow, but is progressing.
Lynn Weber is at home recovering from pneumonia.
Sandy Sylvester is under hospice care.
Mary Johns is in Millcroft Medical Unit.
Don Lee had a mini-stroke while in Florida with some minor numbness; he is waiting for some tests
Yvonne Fleming is continuing to have health issues.
Michelle Brame continues to have health concerns, and is under hospice care.
Carolyn Baylis is at Newark Manor Nursing Home.
Gregg & Amber Bechts, neighbors of Buddy & Betty Brown; they are having a difficult pregnancy.
Beth Macias is the mother of an acquaintance (Barb) of Larry Campbell; Beth had a stroke.
Dan Batzell, friend of Lisa Church, Dan will have shoulder surgery soon.
The Family of Connie Drum, former Limestone member, Connie died February 1.
Joanne Leonard, grandmother of Jenell Gillette, Joanne turned 95 on February 26, and has
Uys Botha, Tim Jooste's brother-in-law, Uys has esophagus cancer.
Peggy Robinson, sister of Jane Hopkins, has pneumonia.
Patti Hurchalla, sister of Linda Loomis, Patti has been diagnosed with cancer.
Duane Howard, grandfather of Adam Hughes, Duane is in the hospital with pneumonia.
Christine Healey, Ruth Smith’s granddaughter, Christine is receiving cancer treatments.
Lindsay Quayle, Pete Quayle’s granddaughter, is cancer free but undergoing chemo.
Reuben Garnett, our former Sexton, is currently in Manor Care Personal Care Home.
Ray Kulovic, nephew of Jane Hopkins; Ray is in rehab after a severe fall.
Tim & Gloria Wheeler, our Presbyterian mission workers, serving in Honduras.
Jennifer Saubier, granddaughter of Pete Quayle, is recovering well from radiation.
Mary McCowan, former Limestone Parish nurse, is having health concerns.
Jim McGrath has had two falls and appreciates prayers for healing.
Rosina Marusco, Eileen Lindbergh’s mother, is in rehab after a hospital stay.
Mark Wojtal, Mike Casale's brother-in-law, has been diagnosed with cancer.
Edwin Estevez, a Presbyterian pastor, starting a new church in Riverfront/Wilmington.
Rick Seidel is in Cadia and would welcome visitors.
Kush, who stayed with the Gillettes for 19 months, and all children in foster care.
Andrew Besinger, grandson of Janet Parr, Andrew has Duchene Muscular Dystrophy.
Tim Smith, son of a former pastor Bill & Esther Smith. Tim is having health problems.
Andrew, a son of a friend of Pete Quayle, continues to have health concerns.
Please pray for peace in Egypt, Gaza/Israel/Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran,
Somalia, North/South Korea, Congo and other troubled regions of the world.
Please pray for the Christians living and serving in these troubled areas.
Tim & Gloria Wheeler, our Presbyterian mission workers, serving in Honduras.
Prayer Requests Welcomed! Please email our pastors, Bruce and Carolyn Gillette,
with your prayer requests any time during the week at [email protected]
Please make sure you have permission to share any medical information with others
through this prayer list. Please let them know before Sunday (earlier in the week if
possible) if you would like a prayer card sent and give our church office the full name
and address to send the prayer card: [email protected]
On Sundays please use the Brown Notebook, in our church narthex by the entrance
to our sanctuary, to write your joys and concerns. Our pastors will offer the church’s
prayers for people listed in the notebook during our worship services.
Limestone’s Prayer Ministry includes:
Our Prayer Chain of loving church members who get updates often to pray for
Prayer Cards, signed by church members and friends, every Sunday for those we
pray for in our worship services. See for the Presbyterians
Today article about these popular prayer cards. We send the cards with comforting
information such as prayers for the sick and CareNotes.
Prayer Shawl Ministry has sent seven hundred hand knitted shawls that church
members and friends have prayerfully made.
Limestone Pastor Carolyn Gillette writes hymns (prayers set to music) that are
used by many churches. You can find these hymns on her hymns web site:
The Presbyterian Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study inspires thousands of
Presbyterians daily as they uphold the mission of our Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in
intercessory prayer. With its easy-to-read, page-a-day format, the Mission Yearbook
brings you 365 of these stories — each written by a Presbyterian actively involved in
mission from all across our presbyteries, synods, and countries in which the PC(USA)
works. Copies are available in the office or
Please contact our pastors if you would like to have them pray with you, and/or to
learn more about prayer for yourself and others. We would be happy to meet with you
and share with you a wealth of resources related to prayer and spirituality. Different
spiritual practices will be helpful for different personalities; our pastors are very willing
to explore this options with you for your spiritual growth.