17th Annual Technology Conference


17th Annual Technology Conference
26 Railroad Ave. Suite 215
Babylon, NY 11702-2216
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17th Annual Technology Conference
High Tech Playground
Slide into Learning
17 Annual Technology Conference
ASSET was formed in 1996 as an organization to represent administrators and supervisors
responsible for educational technologies in the public school districts within Suffolk County,
New York. The Association holds monthly meetings during the school year to discuss
issues regarding the use of technology in the classroom, curriculum integration, staff
training, hardware and software issues and other issues relating to members’ needs. The
Association’s purposes as stated in its bylaws are: To enhance teaching and learning in Suffolk
County School Districts through the use of computers and other educational technologies
by encouraging the integration of technology into the K-12 curriculum and ensuring that
our students are provided with the educational opportunities necessary to prepare them
for the 21st century. To provide members with opportunities to share ideas and information
relating to instructional, administrative, and management technologies in education.
To provide high standards of supervision and leadership in the area of educational technologies.
• Continental Breakfast & Buffet Lunch Included
• Over 30 Presentations & Informal Poster Sessions
• Over 60 Vendor Displays, Raffles & Door Prizes
Kim Bearden
Kim Bearden is the cofounder, executive director, and language
arts teacher at the highly-acclaimed Ron Clark Academy, an
innovative middle school and educator training facility in Atlanta.
Kim was selected from over 70,000 nominations to be honored as
the Disney American Teacher Awards Outstanding Middle School
Humanities Teacher. The Milken Family Foundation selected her
as one of 155 teachers from across the nation to receive the Award
for Excellence in Education and she was the chosen from among
7000 teachers as Teacher of the Year in Cobb County, Georgia.
12:40 - 1:25
9:45 - 10:30
Session 2 Workshops
Session 1 Workshops
11:30 - 12:30
8:15 - 9:30
Keynote Presentation
10:30 - 11:30
7:30 - 8:15
Vendor Expo & Poster Session
Registration & Breakfast
3:00 - 5:00
Music & Reception
2:30 - 3:00
Raffles in the Savoy
1:35 - 2:20
Session 3 Workshops
Schedule of Events
Tyler Fisher
from Half Hollow Hills High
School East in 2012 and is
attending Dartmouth College.
In his first year he fell in love
with computer science, a
completely new field to him,
and now expects to major in it.
Tyler is in the process of starting two companies; one
focused on mobile app development with two friends
from Dartmouth and the other is a tutoring company
with a friend and fellow tutor from High School East.
Women Works Media Group recently named her one of Georgia’s
Most Powerful and Influential Woman. Over the past twentyseven years, she has been a teacher, instructional lead teacher,
curriculum director, school board member, staff development
trainer, and middle school principal. Kim’s book, Crash Course:
The Life Lessons My Students Taught Me, was released by Simon
and Schuster in July.
Matthew O’Connell is a
seventeen year old senior
studying at Commack High
School. He has worked
on various research and
service projects with the
Boy Scouts of America, the National Aeronautics
and Space Administration, and the International
Pharmaceutical Federation. His current work
involves engineering software to aid humanitarian
organizations in medication information relay.
Sydney Sheren is a
9th grade student at
Westhampton Beach High
School. She created and
ran the middle school’s
newsletter and is currently the Freshmen Class
President. Sydney’s passion for film making has led
her to screen one of her own movies at the local movie
theater and has attended the New York Film Academy
for the past two summers. She is inspired to teach
others why technology is helpful and how they can
easily use it to learn in a quick and fun way.
INCLUDES: Continental Breakfast,
Lunch Buffet, Keynote Session,
Over 30 Presentations,
Poster Sessions, Over 60 Vendor
Exhibits, Raffles and Doorprizes.
Bring your own laptop for
complimentary connectivity!
Registration fee: $100.00
The Evolution of Cisco Controller Based and Cloud Based Wireless
Core BTS & Cisco
Understand the differences and advantages between controller based and cloud based wireless. Discuss
Cisco’s Path for Wireless and where they are going. What you need to do for erate and smart schools bond
act with wireless.
Going Google? Is your infrastructure ready?
Is your infrastructure ready? Attend this information session to learn why and how school districts are
modernizing their classrooms with wireless; and what it takes to get there. As with anything if you fail to
plan, you plan to fail. Without the right infrastructure in place, to afford you the opportunity to grow and scale,
you’ll be challenged to deliver the technology you so desire. Hear from industry experts and from CSDNET
on how we are assisting by delivering proven solutions that touch on each one of these points.
Cool Tools Are Fun, But Learning Should Come First
Eric Patnoudes - CDW-G
Educators and technologists have been making the case for the transformative power of technology for
decades. However, despite the rhetoric and increasing efforts to integrate technology, often times the results
are insignificant. This session will explore the affordances of technology and the importance of IT staff and
educators being committed to understanding each other’s point of view. Although IT services are critical, the
end goal is improving student outcomes. Former teacher, instructional technologist, and two-time Microsoft
Innovative Educator Expert, Eric works with districts to ensure that the goals of technology implementations
are identified and pursued responsibly, cohesively and strategically.
Managing the Chaos
Switch Technologies and Extreme Networks
As the number of institution and user owned devices on our networks continue to grow exponentially, it is
essential to revisit how we manage and control devices and applications across the campus to maintain a
secure it environment. Join Extreme Networks and Switch Technologies as they explore the best practices
and tools used to simplify management, amplify visibility, and maintain granular control of user activities and
applications in a network, leveraging the best practices that schools are implementing across the country.
Explore STEM with zspace-The Next Reality
Lisa Grippo - TEQ
Immersive 3D environments allow students to explore STEM topics in ways that were simply unimaginable
just a few years ago. Join Teq and see how districts are integrating zSpace into their schools. From the
planning stage, to their rollout, to implementation, you will see how districts are working to ensure that their
students are on the path to success in STEM fields. South Huntington as well as a couple of other Long
Island districts will be featured. Participants will be able to experience zSpace for themselves on one of the
multiple stations available.
Security in Our Schools - Taking it to the Next Level to Protect our Children – A District’s Journey
During the 2012-14 school years, the Plainedge Public Schools, made a decision to improve the level of
security in all schools. This session will focus on the process the District engaged in to determine what they
ultimately would install in the schools to improve security using door access control and a state of the art
video security system provided by IntraLogic Solutions. Join the Plainedge Superintendent in exploring the
journey he took to provide a safe school environment using the latest video security tools available in the
industry plus the new “”One-Button Lockdown System””. Participants will be provided with an opportunity to
interact with Plainedge’s Live system via the EMAP, an easy to manage graphical interface using existing
school maps and floor plans. A panel discussion will be held for a Q & A Session during the last portion of
this interactive workshop.
How Fast Can Your School Respond To An Emergency?
Natural disasters and critical situations on school campuses have caused a nationwide initiative to improve
emergency preparedness and crisis-communication plans. Here in the U.S., federal regulations like the
Clery Act have brought safety into much sharper focus. Avaya Notification Solution (ANS) is a Web-based
communication tool that works with the Avaya communication platform (and any open source Video
Surveillance solution) to keep school and campus personnel, students, teachers, faculty, and staff informed
when emergencies occur. Learn how Avaya, together with CSDNET, are deploying these proven solutions
locally and how they can help protect your students, your staff and you.
The Power of Video in the Classroom
Lance Ford, PhD/Educational Technology Advocate Derek Winchester/CustomComputer
Specialists, Senior Solutions Consultant - Custom Computer Specialists
Imagine taking your school on a field trip to the Great Barrier Reef. How about connecting your students
with an instructor in China to learn Mandarin? Schools around the world and in our region are changing
the way they teach by using collaborative technologies to create a classroom without walls. With less of
an emphasis on technology and more on how it helps students learn, the Power of Video in the Classroom
will feature ISTE speaker Lance Ford. Presenting via telepresence you’ll see how Lance uses collaborative
technologies to inspire students and aid teaching and learning.
How to Navigate the NYS Smart Schools Bond Act for Technology & Security
Intralogic & CORE BTS
Intralogic & Core will discuss with schools how to effectively use the Smart Schools Bond Act, what it can be
used for, and how to apply for it. Intralogic & Core will also have their Investment Plan consultant on hand to
discuss your one on one Smart Bond needs, and discuss how to write and submit your investment plan for
immediate approval by SED.
So you may have disk-to-disk storage; maybe some offsite back and maybe some cloud
services as well. But what if all those fail? Now what? How do you communicate to students, parents and
staff? How do you ensure that state reports make the deadline and payroll is deposited? When it comes to
technology you can never have enough protection - that goes for redundancy as it does for security. The
solutions are available for you to ensure this level of redundancy and both data and investment protection.
And they are available at a nominal cost for the service you will be provided. CSDNET has team up with
industry leaders to provide you these services; the services you asked for and we are delivering.
Technology/Resources Teachers Can Use to Engage their Students
Maureen Del Monico - St. Joseph’s College
The 21st century has brought changes in teaching in terms of technology and how we can use those
resources to be more effective teachers/leaders. We now have access to the global community if we know
where to look. This presentation will be about sharing resources such as wordles, glogsters, delicious,
websites, qr codes, using your own website as an organizational tool, etc. that are available to our teachers
that they might not be aware of. All of these can be used to engage and inspire ourselves and our students.
Art & Technology Take Flight: Thematic Connections across the Curriculum
Joy Weiner & Kristina Schaaf - The Heckscher Museum of Art
Allyson Uttendorfer, Claudia Brunhuber, & Katherine Homenides - Half Hollow Hills
Differentiating Instruction Through Technology
Trish Hinchman & Sonja Anderson - Sayville Schools / ESBOCES Model Schools
One of the advantages of using technology in the classroom is the ability to differentiate instruction
to meet the individual needs of students. Technology makes it possible to create lessons that will
effectively accommodate a range of learning styles. In this session, we will share various technology tips
to promote learning in today’s classrooms. Come and learn about some of the technology tools we have
used at Sayville and how we have implemented these with our students. Some of the many tools we plan
to share include Prezi, Nearpod, Showbie, Google Classroom, Voki, and more!
This presentation will show how teachers can use free apps for instant assessments in the classroom
that are engaging and fun for students in various technology environments in any subject. Presenters
will show how free apps, Plickers and Socrative, can be used to obtain instantaneous feedback during
a lesson and for even more formal assessments. Plickers utilizes printable QR codes to assess student
learning. Socrative is an effective, fun, and engaging method to formally assess students through any
device with a web browser and any operating system.
In The High Tech Classroom-The iPossiblities are Endless
Ilana Sussman - Half Hollow Hills
Getting the most out of Google Apps for Education
Samira Brigati - Smithtown Central School District
Lights, Camera, Lindy News!
Jenna Smakal - Lindenhurst Middle School
Crash Course… Lessons Our Students Can Teach Us All
Kim Bearden - Keynote Speaker
Using Google Classroom and App Scripts to Collaborate on Projects
Christopher Kauter - Deer Park School District
Learn about this exciting thematic collaboration between Half Hollow Hills School District and The
Heckscher Museum of Art as you explore the theme: What does airflight mean to you? Discover how
AP Photography students at HHH HS East and Vanderbilt Elementary School fourth graders visited The
Museum’s Modern Alchemy: Experiments in Photography exhibition and used their Digital Action Painting
touchscreen as a creative way to “Slide into learning”
Together with my students we will be hosting a Mini Tech Fair to showcase Education for Weebly, Blogs,
Edmodo, Class Dojo, Vine, Twitter like activities, Glogster, Pinterest, Movie trailers, Prezi and so much
more.The 21st century classroom is an environment in which students can develop the skills they will
require in the workplace and teachers are facilitators of their learning. The iPossibilites are endless!!!
Come join us and see how we integrate technology in our classroom on a daily basis.
Use the Power of iPad “App Smashing” to Create Digital Stories
Susan Byrns - Farmingdale School District
Do you want to teach Common Core ELA standards while promoting creativity and imagination in the
classroom? Do you want the ability to assess student reading and writing with skillfully published narratives
and movies? Learn how to transform the ancient art of storytelling into its modern expression. Your students
will learn to write, create and publish stories by weaving images, narrative, sound and voice. This process
will provide young readers with a deeper understanding of characters, situations, experiences and insights.
Using iMovie and the ability to iPad “app smash,” students will be able to remix powerful stories to display
their learning.
Long Island’s High Tech Playground - Slide into the Sea
Lynne Marshall - Westhampton Beach School District
First grade students and their classroom teacher will enhance a Common Core ELA Domain with their
Google classroom experiences by bringing the local aquatic habitat, scientist, environmental specialist and
other resources into their classroom.We plan to demonstrate this Domain with 3-4 students who will engage
in conversation with a scientist via Google Video Conferencing. As well as share lesson experiences, data
and assessments.
The Google Classroom
Erik Eve - Lindenhurst Middle School
This will be a open ended presentation that will show how Google Apps for Education can be used in a
1:1, ChromeBook, or traditional laptop setting. All aspects of creating, managing and having a paperless
classroom will be explored as well as showing the different dynamics of concepts such as a flipped
classroom, a blended learning environment, a differentiated classroom, a student centered classroom, and a
project based learning environment. The presentation will also include different uses of technology, websites,
collaboration between students, faculty and administration.
Creating a More Interactive Flipped Classroom
Martin Palermo & Kristen Drury - William Floyd School District
Add interactivity and accountability to flipped video lessons using EDPuzzle, googleforms, and other
tools to actively engage students and gather formative assessment data to drive in class instruction.
Creating Mobile Web Apps for Education
Christopher Kauter - Deer Park School District
Participants will create a Mobile Web App that incorporates Social Media (Twitter and Facebook) and
Google feeds (Calendar, Presentations, Maps, YouTube, etc) into a single downloadable application for
students, parents and school administration. The HTML 5 web app will be available on all mobile devices,
iPod Touch and tablets for free.
Global Learners: Connecting Students to the World!
Patricia Lisa & Stork Lindeman - Babylon School District
Come see how our students have expanded the walls of our classrooms and are becoming Global
Learners. Using iPads apps, Chromebooks, inquiry skills, art, CCLS and social media, students
are interconnecting, learning, designing, “playing” and corresponding with others around the world.
Collaboration and creativity are the key elements in the success of these projects (ex.: game design--not
what you think; Global Read Aloud, Global Cardboard Challenge, Global Monster Project, augmented
reality). The students work and projects are digitally published. We’ll show you what our students did and
also how you can do it too! Walk away with a list of resources and lots of grand ideas!
The Flipped Classroom and Mastery Learning
Justin King & Alison Offerman-Celentano - Commack School District
Do you ever wish you had more time to conduct inquiry-based activities, design-oriented projects, and
hands-on learning experiences? Did you ever feel frustrated that you had to just “move on” to the next
topic when there were clearly students who did not understand the content? Flipped instruction is the
answer! Come as see how one teacher has transformed his classroom from the traditional lecturebased model to flipped learning. The modified mastery model has afforded students the opportunity
to demonstrate proficiency in a standards-based curriculum model before moving on to the next topic.
Learn how this approach has created a classroom where peer-to-peer collaboration and application
and has afforded this educator the chance to speak to every student, every day. Many resources will be
shared in this interactive presentation.
Chromebooks & Google Drive in HS classrooms
Sarah Wasser & Janine Ruland - Mattituck High School
Collaborate in real time with students by using Chromebooks and Google Drive in the blended learning
classroom. In this workshop participants will be shown tools they can use across the content areas
and grade levels. Using google drive allows for the use of formative assessment and collaboration
between students and teachers.
Students Are More Than One Test Score: Standards Based Assessment Using
Electronic Portfolios
Dr. Michael Nagler - Mineola School District
How do you measure student growth in specific standards? Mineola has established a partnership
with School4One to create and implement a system for creating electronic portfolios that allow for
the standards based assessment. Teachers create and deliver standards-referenced content to each
student, assess student progress towards CCS, and provide students with individualized feedback
Technology Tools In the Elementary Classroom to Support Common Core Math
Instruction in the classroom
Seth Messier & Judith Conforti - Garden City School District
Easily integrate technology into your common core math curriculum to reach, inspire, and motivate students
to learn mathematical concepts. In this session you will learn about websites, web-based math tools, apps
and math tutorials for you to effectively differentiate instruction, homework and assessment as soon as
tomorrow!This presentation will focus on creating your own content using Google docs, the collaborative use
of air drop, and web based tools, various easy to use apps and resources. Learn how our district infuses the
use of technology in the elementary classroom, specifically math with the use of new augmented reality app
Aurasma. These tools can be used in any curriculum area, including ELA, STEM, Social Studies and FLES.
Everyone’s talking about Google Apps for Education. Come see what is causing all the buzz. Using
Google Apps for Education can help you save time and it allows your students to create amazing projects,
all for free. This workshop will cover how to best use the apps in your classroom. You will walk away with
new tricks and tips to get the most out of Google. I’ll also show you how to use Google Classroom.
Come hear more from our Keynote speaker Kim Bearden, as she continues the discussion on Crash
Course, Life Lessons Her Students Taught her.
Expand K-5 STEM Experiences While Developing A Maker Mindset
Dr. Edward Salina, Todd Winch, Dr. Guy Le Vaillant, Denise Dooling, Amy Marcano, Patricia
Conti, Deborah Fallon & Plainedge Students - Plainedge School District
Interact with our presentation team including students, teachers and administrators to learn to expand
K-5 STEM experiences while cultivating an evolving maker mindset. Entice youngsters to tinker and
learn the building blocks of coding while making connections to other curriculum areas. Discover how
many STEM tools such as Bee-Bot a primary robot, Lego WeDo a building and programming resource,
as well as free coding apps can be incorporated into your elementary classes during and beyond the
school day. Bring your iPad to explore some free coding apps together. Related writing, speaking and
multimedia student artifacts will also be shared.”
Interactivities for Student Engagement
Kristina Holzweiss - Bay Shore Middle School
Illuminate Learning Through Alternative Assessments
Kevin Hansen, Kate Renz - Trinity Regional School
Come and see how Lindenhurst Middle School broadcasts daily announcements! This presentation
provides insights into the use of video announcements to our entire student daily in the morning and
afternoons. The TV Studio production class is in its second year. Students are engaged in a hands on
experience, enhancing communications skills and learning the basics of video production.
Session will showcase a SS/ ELA cross curriculum research project which includes over 900 students
and 30 teachers. Facilitator will demonstrate how Google Drive, the Doctopus with the Goobric add on
was used collaborate and return feedback to students in real time. Teachers from both departments will
share their experience on the project.
Poster Sessions:
• Learning Analytics and Individualized Content
• Chromebooks,Classroom,Science !!
• Current Events in the 21st Century Classroom: An Interdisciplinary and
Technological Approach
and grade levels using free and almost-free web tools and apps, such as: stick around, thing link, tiny tap,
class dojo and messenger, Nearpod, Socrative, Educanon, Edpuzzle, Padlet, Today’s Meet, 81 Dash,
plickers to address the Common Core Standards while also helping your students become independent
21st century learners.
• Dashboards to Visualize/Analyze Data using Excel PowerPivot
Moon, Mars and Beyond
Joan Soldano - Patchogue-Medford School District
• The Flipped Mastery Classroom: It’s more than just on-line videos.
It is the year 2080. A manned spacecraft is lost somewhere between Jupiter and Pluto and it is our task
to locate the astronauts and bring them safely back the Moon. Solving mathematical equations and
using decoding and graphing skills, participants will hopefully be successful in retrieving the manned
spacecraft. This live simulation will involve videoconferencing with a flight commander at the Challenger
Learning Center in Wheeling, West Virginia.
Fliperentiation - The In-Class Flipped, Blended Classroom Approach to Instruction
George Ober - William Floyd School District
Flipperentiation is a multi-dimensional approach to infusing technology in the classroom that “slides
students into learning” in the 21st century. Embedding the internet, video and images, gaming and music
using existing school technology, or student technologies either at home for a flipped classroom or as
“Bring Your Own Devices” to the classroom, students can utilize the “high tech playground” in multiple
ways necessary for ongoing, life-long learning...the key for success in the 21st century.
Participants in this session will receive resources for using instructional technology in the fliperentiated
classroom. These tools and resources will include web-based and iOS/Android platforms.
The Power of Video in the Classroom
Lance Ford, PhD/Educational Technology Advocate Derek Winchester/Custom Computer
Specialists, Senior Solutions Consultant - Custom Computer Specialists
Imagine taking your school on a field trip to the Great Barrier Reef. How about connecting your students
with an instructor in China to learn Mandarin? Schools around the world and in our region are changing
the way they teach by using collaborative technologies to create a classroom without walls. With less
of an emphasis on technology and more on how it helps students learn, the Power of Video in the
Classroom will feature ISTE speaker Lance Ford. Presenting via telepresence you’ll see how Lance uses
collaborative technologies to inspire students and aid teaching and learning.
Using Nearpod to Gauge Student Understanding
Amanda Kavanagh - Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District
Nearpod is a website and app that provides teachers with the ability to create presentations that contain
content, interactive questions, videos, live twitter feed and more. The presentations can be run during class
or can also be run as a “flipped” assignment to gauge student learning. During class teachers receive instant
feedback as to how their students are doing. (Download Nearpod app ahead of time if possible)
• Surviving your first year as Technology Director in a School District-Reflections of
a first year Administrator
• Wow, Great Gears, Working Wheels, Lifting Levers & Powerful Pulleys
• Let Me Tell You A Story: Student Creation and Innovation
• Twitter Today
• Teaching the Technology in STEM: Empowering students to use technology
Conference Committee & Executive Board
Jolynn Sapia
Carole Polney-Marinello
Jared Bloom
Thomas Short
Conference Chairperson
Half Hollow Hills UFSD
South Huntington UFSD
Corresponding Secretary
Babylon UFSD
Recording Secretary
Westhampton Beach UFSD
Gerri Doherty
Mattituck-Cutchogue UFSD
Schedule of Events
Registration & Breakfast
Session 2 Workshops
7:30 - 8:15
12:40 - 1:25
This interactive workshop will focus on incorporating Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking,
and Communication in order to shift student learning from consumers of information to creators of
information. Participants will be able to create a student centered classroom utilizing apps and web
applications such as Edmodo, ShowMe, Doceri, Quizlet, QR readers/generators, iTunesU, wikispaces
and more, that can be applied to the secondary math classroom as well as across all content areas.
Keynote Presentation
Session 3 Workshops
8:15 - 9:30
1:35 - 2:20
Session 1 Workshops
Raffles in the Savoy
IGoogle Apps in the Classroom
Sean Fox & Chris Hughes - Lindenhurst School District
9:45 - 10:30
2:30 - 3:00
This session is designed to provide educators with a general overview of a “21st Century classroom.”
Using predominantly the Google Drive platform, educators will be guided through the process of importing
Common Core State Standards and NYS ELA Teaching Modules into an inclusion classroom atmosphere.
Attendants will be shown methods for digitally organizing their classroom and creating multimodal
activities aligned with curricular guidelines, both centered on fostering a paperless classroom.
Vendor Expo & Poster Session
Music & Reception
10:30 - 11:30
3:00 - 5:00
Much Ado About Technology: Presenting the Bard to Students of Interdisciplinary Minds
through the Use of Technology
Alison Mertz - Sacred Heart Academy
11:30 - 12:30
iPads in the Secondary Math Classroom: Incorporating Creativity, Collaboration,
Creativity, and Critical Thinking to Tackle the Common Core
Lisa Marino and Whittney Smith - Mineola High School
This presentation will show how technology can be used to better understand Shakespeare’s plays.
Presenters will demonstrate how to use technology such as Vine, Twitter, Illustrator, PowerPoint, and
Facebook to bring Shakespeare’s plays to life for students who enjoy the different disciplines of learning.
Download this app ahead of time
to set up your schedule!