10 Reasons Why You Should Choose INFORM



10 Reasons Why You Should Choose INFORM
Reasons Why You Should Choose
IDmission’s INFORM Framework for
Automated On-boarding.
Mobilit y for Your Business
You can build and deploy enterprise applications
on demand.
INFORM is an enterprise class app builder capable of
developing and deploying complex user experiences – without
any programming!
Know Your Customer (KYC) is already built-in.
KYC validates identity documents from over 150 countries
around the world. It extracts customer information from the ID
document, validating and verifying it. The data that is
extracted can be used to populate the on-boarding
application, thereby reducing data entry.
Biometrics is already built-in.
Biometrics includes integral support for face, voice, finger-print
and iris. This feature allows you to enroll and authenticate
customers using biometrics. Authenticating customers can also
be done by connecting to 3rd party and government biometric
Payments are already built-in.
This features allows you to enroll customers into our
state-of-the-art mobile wallet. It enables users to use cash,
cards or wallets.
Implementation options are incredibly flexible to
meet your individual business needs.
INFORM allows you to design unique user experiences for each
of your products – both for on-boarding, as well as for repeat
use. You may integrate into your existing web sites or mobile
applications. You may also use as self-sufficient applications
built on INFORM, use on our cloud offering, or deploy on your
premise. You can deploy direct to the end user in self-service
OR assisted by agents of the enterprise.
Mobilit y for Your Business
Configuration options are built-in to support
constantly evolving compliance changes.
INFORM allows you to configure different screen flows and
field options based on things like jurisdiction, region or
risk-ratings. Each data element you define can be encrypted or
secured based on your requirements.
Scalable coverage that spans across the globe.
Our cloud-based deployment enables us to support global
delivery with no extra effort. We can scale quickly based on
your volume requirements. We currently support 15
concurrent users per server and we can add servers as
INFORM is not a native application, so it’s device
INFORM is an HTML 5 configurable front end that works on
smart phones, tablets, PCs, Android, iOS and Windows. It will
run on any modern browser.
A comprehensive web-based reporting portal is
The reporting portal includes the ability to maintain your
unique hierarchy, view detailed and summary level reports for
all of your forms, customers and their transactions.
Security is always a top priority.
IDmission’s leadership team comes with a combined total of
over 40 years of experience in the payments industry.
Therefore, we understand how critical security is in any line of
business. We are compliant to Payment Card Industry Data
Security Standards (PCI-DSS). All data is encrypted in flight and
required personal details are encrypted at rest.
Contact us :
[email protected]
Mobilit y for Your Business

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