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kasemake - Policrom
The Designer's Choice
Structural Design Software
Simple & Quick 2D Drafting/Editing Tools
100s of Built-in Autosizing Design Libraries
- POS Displays
- Honeycomb Board Displays & Furniture
- Corrugated & Folding Carton Packaging
- Presentation Folders & Wallets
Stunning 3D Mock-ups & Proofing
Vast database of built-in designs
3D environment building tool
3D Visualisation with 3D PDF output
Easy assembly diagrams
Precision drawing tools
Professional customisable jobcards
Integral design database
Job scheduling and online approval
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Professional Software...
KASEMAKE software is a class-leading 2D structural design and 3D
visualising package used by thousands of users in a variety of industries the
world over. Whether you are an advertising agency, visual merchandiser,
point of sale designer, signmaker, printer (screen, flexo, litho, or digital),
KASEMAKE will help you sell, improve efficiency and productivity, as well as
opening up new opportunities and markets for you.
Powerful features...
Using the KASEMAKE software you can create a custom size 2D structural
design (cutter guide) in a matter of seconds, ready for exporting out to a
traditional diemaker (typically in CF2, DXF format), artwork system (typically
in AI, PDF or EPS format), or for prototyping/production on a digital cutter.
You simply pick the appropriate display or box style from the extensive
libraries of built-in designs and then feed in the basic sizes and material you
require. With this information the software creates the flat 2D design in
seconds. You can then make on-screen modifications to the design if
necessary and customise it further to your requirements, or use it as a basis
for your own special design. You can even design your own prototypes from
scratch with the user-friendly drawing tools available in the software.
Efficient Workflow...
A typical workflow is to make the structural design in KASEMAKE, then
output the cutter guide life-size to a digital cutter to make a prototype and to
your print studio to add the artwork. Then you can re-import the finished
artwork back into KASEMAKE to show the print on the structural design and
fold it up into a 3D view in seconds giving a lifelike representation of the
printed display or box. This can be great as a sales presentation tool to help
your customers visualise the final product, but is also an excellent way of
spotting expensive printing errors (such as getting the text upside down on
a particular panel on a complex design). The final 3D design can be output
as a live 3D PDF file for easy and interactive 3D viewing by your customers.
Solid Backup...
We offer comprehensive software support via our professional, friendly
helpdesk, as well as dedicated training courses at our premises or on your
site. During the training we can also offer guidance and insight into
cardboard engineering if this is something you are not currently experienced
in. Our trainers have backgrounds in packaging and point of sale design so
can offer a wealth of experience to assist you.
1418 Wells Drive
Bensalem, PA 19020
Tel. 215.638.4100
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