What Is IT Winners



What Is IT Winners
What Is IT
Bob Fournier
Dan Landino 9
*All Time High For What is It
Cute But WRONG Answers
1. Stove top Chicken Cooker, Steamer
2. Giants Ring, Merry Go Round Prize, Door Knocker, Shower Curtain Ring
3. Potato Auger, Giant Cork Screw
4. Meat Tenderizer, Horse Brush
5. Pineapple Peeler
6. Beer Coaster, Ash Tray, Candle Holder
7. Cucumber Peeler, Cookie Cutter
8. Enema Tool, Butt Thermometer, Seed Planter
9. Shoe Sizer, Slide Rule
10. Hot dog cooker, Cheese Cutter, Hymn book Holder
11. Pizza cutter
12. Divot Tool, POG, Washer, Spark Plug Gapper
13. Fish lure, Safety Pin for Dippers, Cow ear tag, Bottle opener
14. Walnut Cracker, Cow Tooth Extractor
15. Cherry Pitter, Dental Tool, Apple Slicer
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1. Camp Toaster
This was used over a campfire or camp stove. the bread is put on
the metal racks turned once and Voila Toast. Still used today by
and scouts.
2. Bull Nose Ring
A small screw is removed and the ring is opened, it is inserted in
the bulls nose and used to lead the bull. The ring has a very sharp
point once it is opened.
3. Dried fruit lifter or Sugar Devil
Pattened in 1875, this was used in the general store to extract
stuck- together dried fruit from a barrel or keg or similarly for
damp-stuck sugar. Stab it in and twist.
4. Flower Frog
A pin type was used in the bottom of the flower vase to hold fresh
flowers in place in the arrangement. This works great and can be
used over and over. Today a chunk of foam is often used and then
5. In Shave Draw Knife
This is used by coopers in barrel shaping or by furniture
makers to shape the seat of chairs, on occasion it was used to
shape bowels.
Most were two handled but a few were one handled this appears as
if it was two
handled and
adapted for
6. Caster coasters for furniture
Made by Anchor Hocking in a number of sizes these were
put under furniture to protect the floor or carpet and to keep
with casters
from moving
7. Fish Scaler
This handy fish scaler fit easy into any tackle box ready at all
times for that trophy fish to hit the fry pan.
8. Chefs Pressure Seasoner
The cap was removed an ¾ filled with seasonings and
liquid(Wine) the cap replaced and stuck into the meat during
cooking the seasons were infused by steam into the meat.
9. Cloth Bolt and Ribbon Measure
Every dry-good store would have had one. They could find
out how much cloth or ribbon was left on the bolt or spool using
tool and
number of
10. Clay Pigeon Thrower/Launcher
This devise was used to throw clay pigeons during
shotgun practice. You can put one or two clays under the spring .
It dates 1930s and was quickly replaced by a spring type thrower.
11. Pie Crimper and Crust Cutter
Why not save time by using this ideal all in one trimmer
crimper to finish the pie off all at the same time. This was a very
cheap version made of cast aluminum. The crimper's date back to
the late 1700s to early 1800s and were often hand made.
12. 45 Record Adapter
45 records had a large hole in the center but the standard
record player had a small spindle so an adapter was necessary to
play these records on this player. Many were made of early plastic
and have not survived but a few were made of metal.
13. Knife Sharpener and Glass Cutter
This was a great little sharpener and glass cutter all in one
14.Fencing Pliers
When doing fencing many tools were needed but this handy
multi tool did the trick.
15. Hook Rug Needle/ Rag Rug Maker
The rug is hooked from the back and the Jute(burlap sack)
is stretched on a frame. A strip of cloth or yarn is threaded
through the metal eye and pushed through the backing to the
This is
over and

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