The PowerLock features removable, pivoting handle covers that improve the comfort profile for your hand. More
pressure can now be exerted on those tough jobs! Like the rest of the family in the PowerPlier® series, the PowerLock
can be opened and closed with a one-handed flip of the wrist. This is a basic requirement of SOG, as so often one
is holding wires or standing on a ladder and does not have both hands free.
Exclusive interlocking gears are the driving force behind SOG’s renowned PowerPlier® Series. They allow these
amazing multi-tools to be opened with a one-handed flip of the wrist and also generate Compound Leverage®
action which doubles the plier force of all other conventional designs.
All tool components are easy to access and lock in the open position. The Phillips even locks in two open positions.
With one of the simplest and safest locking devices ever engineered, just press the back of the lock and close the
component into the handle.
Key Selling Features:
• Compound Leverage™–interlocking gears generate two to three times the plier force of all other
conventional designs.
• Fast one-handed flip opening and closing.
• Removable comfort hand grips
• Black Nylon pouch
• 100% stainless steel
• Lifetime warranty
• Made in the U.S.A.
• Open length: 7”
• Closed length: 4.5”
• Weight: 9.6 oz.
• Model number: GSA-S60-N
• MSRP $110.00
• Components: bottle opener, can opener, awl, saw, regular needle-nose
pliers, wire cutter, hard-wire cutter, fine edge clip point knife blade, serrated
clip point knife blade, ruler, 5/16 inch flat-tip screwdriver, 7/32 inch flat-tip
screwdriver, 1/8 inch flat-tip screwdriver, cross-tip screwdriver, wire crimper,
wire stripper and a cap crimper
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