Document 6460763


Document 6460763
Spot Color Separations
Accepted vector based file formats
Adobe Illustrator (AI) - CorelDraw (CDR) - EPS & PDF (non-bitmap)
All fonts must be converted to outline or supplied.
Please work from a Pantone C color pallet.
Simulation Separations
Accepted bitmap (pixelated) based file formats
Photoshop (PSD) - Tiff - Jpeg - Png - PDF - EPS
Please send artwork to printable size. Resolution a minimum of 200 dpi.
Background color must be on separate layer than artwork.
Embroidery (File requirements for digitizing).
Files must be vector based (see above).
Fonts must be converted to outline. Smallest text to be 0.1875" tall.
Fine details such as outlines and color gradients subject to change.
Please work from a Pantone C color pallet.
Design Services & File Editing.
If needed our design staff can assist you with your layout.
Please be advised:
Design Service: $60.00 an hour billed in 15 minute increments.
Appointment scheduling available if necessary.
Camera Ready Artwork
We can scan in customer supplied art as is.
Any additional work to your file may incur an art charge.
This not a recommended form of artwork exchange.
If unable to meet with above guidelines
additional charges may be applied and your order delayed.
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Fax: 989.695.6075
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