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Ngulluk Koolbaang - Swap It, Don`t Stop It WA
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Ngulluk Koolbaang
(Us Mob - Moving Forward)
Was launched on the 16th of August in the beautiful surroundings of City Farm
(East Perth). Ngulluk Koolbaang is the name given by the community to
this program. “Ngulluk” (us mob) reflecting ownership and cultural security
and “Koolbaang” (moving forward) expressing community intention to
challenge their current critical health conditions towards achievement of
improved and better health and social outcomes.
This National partnership Agreement on Preventive Health Initiative was
funded by the Australian Government.
The purpose of the Ngulluk Koolbaang program is to engage the
Aboriginal people in developing resources, tools and activities that promote
their participation in healthy eating and physically activity. To do this we have
used a number of avenues to obtain community’s opinions and ideas
including surveys, but also facilitating thirteen focus groups in the Perth
Metropolitan area.
Community recommendations included:
• Artwork: Aboriginal artwork tells us: “this is for you” and getting young
people involved is important because they “often dictate what to shop eat
and do in the households” and they are the ones transferring information
from school to households.
At the launch the vibrant artwork produced by students of the Swan
Nyoongar Sports Education Program (SNSEP) at Balga Senior high
School students was unveiled and officially adopted as the logo for this
The artwork shows footprints symbolising walking, physical activity,
movement and the impressions that our existence leave in the world.
Fish and fruit are in their natural form and linked to water, our source of
Culture is included in the artwork as the big sun which provides true
colours to all the life elements.
Balga SHS SNSEP students, Principal Geoff Harris and Cheryl Hayward
(newly appointed Director of the Aboriginal Health Unit, Public Health &
Ambulatory Care), unveiled the artwork
This artwork graces now all resources and merchandise to be used for
Ngulluk Koolbaang .
Role models: Community said that “every day”,” real” people are more
inspiring than “celebrities” to whom they find hard to relate due to differing
In response we have produced the calendars which reflect testimonials of
community people sharing their stories on how and what they are doing to
be healthy.
How can you get involved?
1. Ngulluk Koolbaang Grants Program is offering from $1000
to $5000 for local Aboriginal community projects that increase
community knowledge and participation on healthy eating,
physical activity. People interested in applying please contact
Kay on 9301 9211 for assistance. Applications closing date
12 October 2012
2. Ngulluk Koolbaang Cook ups
We will facilitate at least five cook ups across the Perth Metropolitan
area. This will be a coordinated partnership of the local Aboriginal
community with Local government and other local government and
non-government agencies in selected areas.
3. Deadly Tucker Too: Production of Deadly Tucker cookbook (Ngulluk
Koolbaang series) Deadly Tucker Too will be a community project
and to succeed needs to continue to reside with the community and the
connections with local stakeholders. This project will have direct links
with the Ngulluk Koolbaang Cook ups
Eric and a group of young dancers at the launch of Ngulluk Koolbaang
Noongar Radio live broadcast at the launch of Ngulluk Koolbaang
Want to get involved or want to know more? Contact Kay 9301 9211 or
Vilma 9301 9219