Freelance Version 2015



Freelance Version 2015
Process Automation
Freelance distributed control system
Version 2015 – Coming Soon
Compact, scalable and reliable
This year, ABB will launch Freelance Version 2015 —
providing even better redundancy features and enhanced
scalability with lite version of the award-winning AC 900F controller and Freelance Operations, and new products such as
the innovative S950e I/O system.
Freelance is ABB’s user-friendly, cost-effective and robust
solution ideal for all process industries, with the following
–– Easy to use: It is easy to install, learn, engineer, commission,
back-up, maintain and expand.
–– Scalable: Projects can start as small as 25 I/Os and grow
to as large as 25,000 I/Os
–– R eliable: It is a proven, award-winning and patented technology providing high reliability and availability.
–– Value for your Money: Investment goes a long way with
its small footprint and ability to run on any PC that result in
savings in training, installation, engineering and commissioning costs.
It includes three Ethernet interfaces instead of four interfaces
for the standard CPU, but it still supports redundancy for high
ABB has just celebrated the 20th anniversary of Freelance
and introduced the award-winning AC 900F controller, which
truly extends the hardware portfolio of the Freelance DCS.
This year, new innovations will be launched to even better fulfil
your requirements.
Overview of AC 900F Interfaces
– – Four (4) built-in Ethernet ports supporting ControlNet
redundancy, Modbus TCP/IP or 60870-5-104 telecontrol
protocol for PM 902F (standard CPU)
– – Three (3) built-in Ethernet ports supporting ControlNet
redundancy, Modbus TCP/IP or 60870-5-104 telecontrol
protocol for PM 901F (lite CPU)
– – Two (2) serial ports supporting Modbus RTU/ASCII or
IEC 60870-5-101 telecontrol protocol
– – Pluggable Profibus master modules (up to two) providing
integrated line redundancy
– – Direct connection of S700 I/O modules (up to 10). S700
I/O provides also very flexible, configurable modules that
support a mix of inputs and outputs and even analog and
digital I/Os in one module to save footprint.
What’s new?
Two CPU variants are now available for AC 900F
The new lite version of the CPU for the AC 900F controller
allows for enhanced scalability by providing a controller with
optimized performance and memory for smaller applications.
Increased security with controller lock
The new AC 900F controller comes with a feature of locking the controller via the display. When locked, dedicated
engineering changes, downloads or firmware updates are
disabled, while read/write access from Freelance operator
stations or OPC gateway is still possible for safe operation.
New lite CPU PM 901F
for AC 900F
Battery (underneath display)
Display (optional)
LEDs: Power, Error, Run/Stop, Prim/Sec, Battery
Switches/Buttons: Reset, Toggle, On/off
2 slots for communication modules
3 x Ethernet 10/100 MB
1 x Diagnosis/Radio-Clock
2 x serial lines, Modbus or Telecontrol
Power 24 V
Up to 10 direct I/O modules
SD card slot for loading programs, backup,
loading firmware
2 Freelance distributed control system | Version 2015 – Coming soon
New Profibus Master Modules
To even better support redundancy, a new version of the
CI 930F for AC 900F is available. This new module now
provides built-in line redundancy for Profibus with two Sub-D
New S950e I/O system
The new S950e I/O system is able to cover almost any demand in process industry applications. It will help to save
money due to reduced cabinet space and keep your production up and running thanks to redundancy options.
The new CI 773F for AC 900F and AC 700F is the successor
of CM 772F. It offers additional features and is more powerful
by providing enough memory (I/O bytes) for maximum number
of Profibus Slaves. It this is based on same technology as
CI 930F, with just one single Profibus connector. Compared to
CM 772F, the new CI 773F provides adding slaves without
restarting the master.
Summary of benefits:
– – High availability through redundancy
– – Small footprint – a perfect supplement to the “smallest
DCS on the planet”: 600 I/Os per cabinet are possible
– – Reliable through hot-swap: modules can be replaced
without powering down the station.
– – All-purpose I/O system for process applications.
– – Optimized for cabinet mounting.
– – Cost-efficient due to affordable price and small footprint.
Freelance Operations Lite
The new lite version of Freelance Operations, formerly
known as DigiVis, also provides for enhanced scalability of
the system. Compared to the standard version of Freelance
Operations, the lite version is very attractively priced. It offers
unlimited number of standard displays and only limits the
number of graphic displays to five. It is mainly suitable for
smaller plants or the usage of Panel PCs in cabinet doors.
What’s more, Freelance Operations is now optimized for wide
screen displays.
Improved availability through Ethernet line redundancy
From the very beginning, Freelance was designed to support
redundancy. Also former versions already provided controller
and line redundancy. But now an even higher degree of availability can be achieved by the new feature of the Ethernet system bus redundancy. This feature is fully integrated into Freelance Engineering and Operations. Although it is designed for
AC 900F, it also supports mixed architectures with AC 700F, AC
800F and even Freelance rack controllers.
As a matter of course, Freelance Version 2015 supports Freelance hardware dating back to as long as 20 years ago.
Freelance Operations Lite
For more details, please refer to the S950e I/O brochure
Benefits of the new version at a glance
– – Brand-new I/O system S950e – fit for purpose: made for
applications in process industries, optimized for cabinet
mounting, high-density, high availability through redundancy
– – Enhanced scalability through “lite” offering of controller
hardware and operations software
– – Improved availability through enhanced redundancy options with new Profibus master, Ethernet line redundancy
and S950e I/O
– – Modbus TCP and telecontrol protocol now available for
ABB’s AC 700F, AC 800F, and AC 900F controllers.
Freelance – process
automation made easy
New S950e I/O system
Version 2015 – Coming soon | Freelance distributed control system 3
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