���I needed to be an example.���


���I needed to be an example.���
“I needed to be an example.”
Michele Ahern lost 55 pounds in 32 weeks!*
“I love using the BODYKEY by NUTRILITE™ program, because no other company includes a
genetic test for such a great value,” says Michele Ahern. “It adds a new dimension to my program, and
I love that. I think it’s important for everyone to use the genetic test, whether you want to lose weight
or not. It gives you a long-term direction with information on how to make food choices for your body.”
“My plan helps guide my meal choices,” she says. “I’ve learned I can mix it all up – protein, carbs,
fruits, and veggies – and have a little bit of everything! The meal plans give you such a wide variety.
This was great to learn and has really helped my success.”
What got Michele thinking about losing the extra weight? She says, “I realized that having a
health and nutrition business isn’t possible without applying it to your own life. We have some
of the best vitamins and supplements, which I knew and loved, but I had this extra weight.
For people to truly understand the quality of our health and nutrition products, I needed to
be an example – for my health and to inspire my customers, too.”
Michele plans to lose an additional 15 pounds to reach her goal. Where other attempts have failed,
the BODYKEY by NUTRILITE program works!
*T his success story features an Amway Independent Business Owner. She owns and operates an independent business and has a financial interest
in the sale of Amway™ goods and services. Consult your physician or health care professional before starting any weight loss program.
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