Easter 2015 Vacation Care Program


Easter 2015 Vacation Care Program
Columba Cottage OSHC
School Holiday Week Monday, 6/04/2015 – Friday, 17/04/2015
Monday, 6/04/2015
Tuesday, 7/04/2015
Wednesday, 8/04/2015
Thursday, 9/04/2015
Friday, 10/04/2015
Majestic Cinema
Bike and Scooter Day
Novelty Games Day
Additional cost $15 per child
(Popcorn Included)
10am -12pm
(Helmets and closed in shoes are
Non Motorised ONLY
Wow Fun Park
(Swimmers, towel, change of
clothes and a wet bag please)
Additional cost $15 per child
11am -1pm
Obstacle Course
Beaded Creations
Scones with Jam and
Tuesday, 14/04/2015
Wednesday, 15/04/2015
Thursday, 16/04/2015
Friday, 17/04/2015
Face Painting & Dress Up
Cassegrain Horse Riding
Mega Party Day
Wave Bowl
Dress up as your favourite
Jumping Castle Day
(Please wear covered in shoes
and sleeved shirts)
10 – 12pm
Additional cost $10 per child
(Please bring socks)
Celebrity Heads
Fried Rice for Lunch
Mini Pizza's for Lunch
Canvas Art
Chocolate Snow Balls
Perler Bead Creations
Paddle Pop Art
Creating planes and boats and
Marble Painting
Monday, 13/04/2015
Sack races, egg and spoon
races, ball games, three legged
race and more
Ultimate competitions - Paper
plane throwing, handstands,
dance, skipping, cartwheels,
football kicking, soccer dribbling
and more
Nail Painting and Hair
Yoghurt Cones
Team Games
44 home, tag, buildups, Chinese
whispers, heads down, thumbs
up, hide and seek and more
Party Games
Tile Painting
Colouring In Competition
Snow Cones
Chocolate game, chopsticks, pin
the tail on the donkey and more
Please bring socks
10am - 12pm
Additional cost $10 per child
Treasure Hunt
Creating Origami and
Paper Planes
Cup Cake Baking &
Party Pies, Sausage Rolls
or Mini Quiches for Lunch
As well as the above programmed activities, every day the children have access to a variety of arts, crafts, cooking activities and indoor and outdoor games to busy the mind and
body. Our service is well stocked with resources and our qualified and professional educators take a proactive stance on their interactions with the children. *All children need to
bring a refillable drink bottle daily and a hat.

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