Egyptian Art and Writing


Egyptian Art and Writing
Egyptian Art and Writing
Two dimensional art Write the rules for frontalism:
heads (profile)
scale colour
These rules applied for thousands of years. Pharaonic artists stuck to the strict canon in order to achieve the goal of showing figures as complete as possible, so today we can make literal interpretations from paintings and reliefs.
Ancient Egyptian writing uses more 2,000 hieroglyphic characters. Each hieroglyph represents a common object ancient Egypt. Hieroglyphs could represent the sound of the object or could represent an idea associated with object.
Write your name in hieroglyphic. than in they the This painting from the New Kingdom (c 1200 BCE) shows the sculptor Ipuy and his wife being offered gifts by their two children. It is typical of Egyptian tomb art in that it combines the scenes of daily life, religious symbols and hieroglyphs. 1. Ancient Egyptians filled their tombs with things they believed they needed in the afterlife. based on this painting, what are some of the items they believed they needed to have a happy afterlife?
2. What familiar signs and symbols can you find in the hieroglyphics in the painting. Suggest what they mean.
3. Judging from the tomb painting, Ipuy was an important person. Why do you suppose artists were important to Egyptian society?