Glass bottle returns


Glass bottle returns
Pressemeldung / Press Release
Using electr ic cylinders to handle bottles
Glass bottle returns
Bruchsal, Cologne, Anuga FoodTec 2015: Growing environmental
awareness is increasing demand for mineral water in returnable
glass bottles. To manage increased sales, Bad Dürrheimer
Mineralbrunnen GmbH has invested in a state-of-the-art plant. The
latest generation of tried-and-tested bottle unscrewing machines
from special machinery manufacturer RINK is helping the company
deal with returned bottles. It uses SEW-EURODRIVE electric
cylinders with oil bath lubrication that are maintenance-free and
Nowadays, large numbers of consumers pay close attention to the
regional origin of their food and to environmentally friendly packaging.
Sales of traditional returnable glass bottles are on the rise once again.
Since mineral water in glass bottles at restaurants is also regarded as a
sign of quality, bottling company Bad Dürrheimer Mineralbrunnen
decided to boost its glass range. In 2014, it invested in a state-of-the-art
system for bottling and returns that can handle over 38,000 bottles an
hour in seven different formats.
The KM-690 bottle unscrewing machine from RINK GmbH in Kreuztal
ensures easy recycling of returned bottles. Its material-friendly
mechanical system checks whether caps are present on the bottles and
unscrews them efficiently.
The lowering and lifting of the unscrewing heads is carried out by electric
cylinders in the CMSB range from SEW-EURODRIVE. They execute the
linear motion with particularly high precision, force and speed. An oil
bath lubrication system ensures a reliable supply of lubricant to the
bearings, threaded spindle mechanism and internal guides, enabling
optimum heat dissipation. The compact electric cylinders are also
maintenance-free throughout their entire service life, thus benefiting the
service regime, as plant downtimes arising from necessary maintenance
are eliminated. This system helps protect the environment and meets
Pressemeldung / Press Release
the increased requirements placed on food and beverage production.
Energy savings compared to a hydraulic solution are of well over 60 %.
CMSB electric cylinders develop feed thrust of up to 24 kN and are
available with stroke lengths between 60 and 1,200 mm.
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