Process innovations conserve resources


Process innovations conserve resources
Pressemeldung / Press Release
Energy- efficient dr ives in confect ionery production
Process innovations conserve resources
Bruchsal, Cologne, Anuga FoodTec 2015: CHOCOTECH is an
international supplier of machines for confectionery production. By
harnessing process innovations, the company is cutting the energy
and resources used by its equipment. Maintenance-free and
energy-efficient drives from SEW-EURODRIVE also play a role in
Wernigerode-based CHOCOTECH GmbH is a system supplier for the
international confectionery industry, offering a wide range of products
optimized for the needs of the market. To help ensure continuous
innovation, the company is committed to cutting the energy and
resources used by its machines and systems.
CHOCOTECH has developed ECOGRAV®, a system that can process a
90 % sugar solution. This is a major advance in process engineering and
can be used as a module in various machines to manufacture a variety
of products. By combining the Sucromaster® hard candy system with
ECOGRAV®, for example, the confectionery mass can be produced with
less water. Depending on the model and the scale of production lines,
throughput rates of 600 to 4,400 kg/h are possible. Energy savings for
manufacturing indented hard candy masses are over 50% compared to
conventional systems. The smaller ovens, fewer cycles and fewer
pumps used offset the slightly higher purchase price.
But this is not the only area where significant savings can be made.
Drive technology from SEW-EURODRIVE is also a major factor in the
machines’ high energy efficiency. CHOCOTECH values the quality of
SEW products, the short delivery times and numerous drive versions
that the modular system supports. Owner-operated company SEWEURODRIVE is a perfect match for the corporate structure of
CHOCOTECH, not least thanks to its flexibility as a supplier.
Pressemeldung / Press Release
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