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Infectious Diseases - University of Michigan School of Public Health
Global Health Epidemiology (GHE)
Global Health Epid Faculty
Ana Baylin Matthew Boulton Joseph Eisenberg Marisa Eisenberg Aubree Gordon
Rafael Meza Arnold Monto
Not Pictured Sioban Harlow
Marie O’Neill Mark Wilson
Eduardo Villamor Zhenhua Yang
Global Heath Epid Curriculum
• Epid 506: Introduction to International Health
• Epid 664: Field Methods in Epidemiology for Developing Countries
• Epid 665: Seminar in International Health
• Infectious Diseases
• Nutrition and Health
• Reproduction
• Chronic Diseases
• Social Epidemiology
• Environmental Epid.
Global Health Epid Internships
•Summer between Years 1 and 2
•Must be in an underdeveloped country
•Based with local government or foreign researcher group
•Project can be tied to UM faculty research
•Faculty mentors work to help find funding
•Research addresses diverse problems of many types, from diverse epidemiologic perspectives
Global Health Epid Internships
•Malaria in Malawi
•Genetic & Nutritional Epi in Colombia
•Infectious Disease Epi in China
•Diarrheal Diseases in Ecuador
•Infectious & Cancer Epi in Thailand
•Malaria in Zambia
•Infectious Disease Ecology in Kenya
•Hormones and Liver Cancer in Egypt
•Chagas Disease in Honduras
•Mothers’ KAP and Childhood Diseases in India
•Emerging Rickettsial Zoonosis in Peru
•Gold Mining‐Associated Diseases in Ghana
What GHE Graduates Do
NGOs, Foundations
CDC, USAID, State Dept., WHO
Industry, Development agencies
Fulbright scholars
PhD Programs
Occupational & Environmental Epidemiology
Marie O’Neill Sara Adar Sung Kyun Park
Tom John Laura Al
Morgenstern Robbins Meeker Rozek
Core OEE Courses
EHS 601: Foundations of Environmental Health Sciences OR
EHS 550: Introduction to Occupational and Environmental Health
EPID 608: Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology
EPID 675: Data Analysis for Environmental Epidemiology
EHS 602: Environmental Health Policy
Air pollution and Cardiovascular
Disease, Respiratory Disease,
Birth Outcomes
Climate Change and Health
Exposure Assessment in
Residential Co-Exposure to Air
Pollution and Noise
 Heavy Metals and Chronic
 Environmental Impacts on
 Gene-Environment
 Developmental Origins of
Health & Disease
Hospital and Molecular Epidemiology
Hospital & Molecular Epid.
Teaching Faculty
Betsy Foxman
Carl Marrs
Alexander Rickard
Emily Martin
Zhenhua Yang
Sample HME Courses
Research in Hospital & Molecular Epidemiology
Clinical and Diagnostic Microbiology Molecular Techniques Laboratory
Vaccines in Public Health
Hospital Epidemiology Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogenesis Molecular Epidemiology Vaccines in Public Health
Polymicrobial Communities in Human Health and Disease
Epidemiology Research
Epidemiology Research
What HME Graduates Do
Advanced PhD Studies
Further Medical Education
CDC Fellowships
Positions in Public Health
– Federal, State, Local
– Hospital Infection Control
• Laboratory Research Positions
• Research Coordinator of Epidemiologic
Methods and
Applications (EMA)
EMA Courses
Pathologic Basis of Disease Introduction to Epidemiology
Field Studies in Epidemiology
Non‐communicable Disease Epidemiology: – Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases
– Reproductive Epidemiology
– Cardiovascular Disease – Cancer Epidemiology Infectious Disease Epidemiology: – Infectious Disease Epidemiology – Foundations in infectious disease transmission modeling – Applied Epidemiology for Public Health Practice – Vaccines in Public Health
EMA Faculty
Sara Adar Ana Baylin
Matthew Boulton
Marisa Eisenberg Sharon Kardia
Lynda Lisabeth Carlos Mendes de Leon Rafael Meza Alison Mondul
Hal Morgenstern
Not Pictured: Pat Peyser and Sioban Harlow
Belinda Needham Leigh Pearce Eduardo Villamor
Eden Wells
Examples of EMA Internships
• Thyroid Cancer Among Women in Metropolitan Detroit
• Preventive health behaviors before and following an outbreak of H1N1 influenza along the Mississippi Gulf Coast
• Surveillance Trends for Hepatitis A, B, and C in Washington State
• HIV Prevention Services Needs Assessment of African‐Born Immigrants in New York City
• Evaluation of a Substance Abuse Program Targeting Michigan Native American Tribes in Sault Ste. Marie, MI • Mediating Effects of Remittance on Chronic Disease Health Status in Honduras
• Effects of Iron Supplementation during Infancy on Cognitive Development in Chile
What EMA Graduates Do
• Governmental Public Health
• Advanced Studies and Research
• Non‐Profit Organizations
• Health Care Systems
• And…
Center for Midlife Science
COHORT 1: Michigan Bone Health & Metabolism Study
Siobán Harlow
Ana Baylin
Carrie Karvonen‐
Dan McConnell
Sung Kyun Park
Emily Somers Thomas Zheng
Metabolic Obesity
Michigan Lupus Epidemiology & Surveillance COHORT 2: SWAN
Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation;
20 year cohort
EWAS: Environmental ‐
Wide Association Studies
Center for Social
& Population Health
Center for Integrative Approaches to Health
NIH\NIMHD\P60 MD002249
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