Letter of Invitation



Letter of Invitation
For Business with no Unknown Variables
The most prestigious and influential domestic professional journal dealing with macroeconomic
researches, in the Serbian and English language, has been indispensable source of information,
analysis and forecasts for decision makers in the private and public sectors for 17 years.
MAT™ entered in 2011 under a new slogan For Business with no Unknown Variables – redesigned
and with enriched content, in line with readers' requests and needs. In 2014, we continue the
improvement of the contents and further adjustment to modern needs of the public and corporate
sectors. This research and analytical project is published under the auspices of the Ministry of
Education and Science as a journal for popularization of economics, as well as by the Serbian
Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a project of significance to the economy.
MAT™ shall be issued eleven times a year (ten monthly issues and one double issue) in print and
electronic format, in the Serbian (print and electronic edition) and English language (electronic
edition), and shall bring the following:
 macroeconomic analyses with current trends in all relevant areas: industrial and agricultural
production, trade, monetary-credit flows, banking system, public spending, world economic
trends, foreign trade relations, foreign exchange rate, wages, prices, investment, grey
 economy.... 
 analysis of effects and prospects due to changes in economic trends in the country and abroad 
 analysis of impacts of economic and reform policy measures on economic trends, stability and
 sustainability in the future 
 short-term forecasts of key macroeconomic indicators: inflation, industrial production, exports,
 imports, trade and demand . 
 business expectations based on a carefully selected sample and professionally conducted own
 survey 
 swift response to changes in the environment – each month new analyses of specific and current
 issues 
 assessing economic policy, proposing new measures and forecasting future changes in the
 economic system and conduct of economic policy 
 long-term projections of macroeconomic aggregates and indicators in a complex structurally and
dynamically interdependent model of development of the overall macroeconomic framework 
Each issue of MAT™ contains a special supplement on editorial pages with analyses of the topic of
the month, authored by a distinguished representative of an international organization, successful
businessman, banker or reputable economist, methodological appendix and original statistical annex
with key macroeconomic indicators. Guest authors of MAT™ thus far have been: Bogdan Lissovolik,
IMF's permanent representative in Serbia; Kjell-Morten Johnsen, President of Foreign Investors
Council in Serbia; Loup Brefort, World Bank Country Manager for Serbia; and Michael Schmidt, Head
of the Delegation of German economy for Serbia, Macedonia and Albania, Gustavo Navarro, General
Manager of Holcim Serbia; Ružica Stamenković, registrar at the Agency for Business Registers;
Dragan Nikolić, General Manager of Tigar Corporation; Nikola Vujačić, General Manager of Victoria
Group; Vidosava Džagić, Vice-President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Zoran
Ćirović, President of the Securities Commission and Costin Borc, President of the Foreign Investors
Council, Vladimir Čupić, President of the BoD of Hypo-Alpe-Adria Bank and Jasna Atanasijević, Chief
Economist of Hypo-Alpe-Adria Bank, the USAID BEP team of authors, Miloš Bugarin, President of the
Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Saša Kristić, Adviser to the Project on the Municipal Support
Programme (MSP-IPA 2007), Žarko Galetin, General Manager of "Produktna berza" AD Novi Sad.
MAT™ authors are reputable Serbian economists, recognized by the professional community and
known to the general public, whose analyses are well-respected by the colleagues and consulted by
international financial organizations, such as the IMF and the World Bank, government and the
business community: Stojan Stamenković, Miladin Kovacević, PhD, Professor, Boško Živković, PhD,
Professor, Vladimir Vučković, PhD, Professor, Miroslav Zdravković, PhD, Ivan Nikolić, PhD, and
MAT™ readers are:
 economic fiscal and monetary policy makers – prime ministers, governors, ministers 
 high-level representatives of international financial organizations 
 heads of economic departments of foreign diplomatic representative offices in Serbia 
 managers of the most successful domestic and foreign companies and banks 
 members and management of the most numerous and the most respectable business and
 foreign investors associations 
 most eminent representatives of economic profession and 
 most influential domestic and foreign journalists, reporters and analysts of economic
circumstances in Serbia 
Because MAT™ has:
 tradition and decades of experience the team of authors 
 serious and objective approach to economic developments 
 verified methodology and standards 
 reliable analyses and forecasts of key economic parameters confirmed in practice 
 modern approach and practical solutions to current problems of the Serbian economy 
 feel for the needs and expectations of the economy and 
For all additional information about MAT, please contact Andrea Vuković, associate at the Economics
Institute, on +381 11 3613 417, email: [email protected] and [email protected]

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