African Green Exchange



African Green Exchange
3GF Africa Regional Conference 2015
Partnership Market Place
African Green Exchange
Wednesday, 13 May, 17:00-18:30
Tent in the fountain area
Adam Gross, Investments and Capital Markets Advisor, NEPAD Business Foundation,
[email protected]
Keith Mukami, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright, [email protected]
What is the green growth challenge you are trying to overcome? What are the key barriers to change?
Finance and investment: providing access to capital markets for green projects, entrepreneurs, and participants in environmental markets (carbon, water, etc.). At present, such markets exist internationally but not in Africa. Africa has historically
struggled to build liquidity in its capital markets, thus a pan-African approach is desirable initially to concentrate liquidity
before partnering with African stock exchanges to create instruments tradable in each country.
What is your partnership approach / hypothesis?
An exchange requires coordinated action from a wide range of institutions – policy-makers, regulators, project owners,
financiers and investors, service providers, media, academia. 3GF offers a platform to promote the concept to a wide range
of potential partners and identify pioneers willing to support the African Green Exchange through concept development
and finance.
Who are the partners involved and how? Who are the other stakeholders?
The two lead partners are the NBF, a pan-African business association affiliated with the AU and NEPAD, and NRF, a leading
global law firm (plus other partners who are silent at this stage). The designated representatives of the lead partners are
highly experienced in African and global capital markets and seek to deploy their experience into the green sector to support Africa’s green growth.
What are your partnership objectives and what achievements have there been to date?
i) We seek a jurisdiction prepared to host, promote, regulate and support the African Green Exchange.
ii) We seek an environmental specialist with mastery in particular of the carbon and renewable energy sectors
iii) We seek financiers to invest at concept stage in the African Green Exchange
iv) We seek project owners and entrepreneurs to source capital in an efficient, transparent, cost-effective manner
v) We seek investors to invest through the Exchange into quality-assured green projects, entrepreneurs and environmental markets.
vi) We seek managers passionate to work in realising the African Green Exchange
What is the potential of this partnership to achieve impact and scale?
High potential – the concentration of liquidity across the fast growing African carbon and renewable energy sector for capital raising and trading can realize a large, high impact and profitable opportunity.

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