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Monday 25 May 2015
Celebrating Africa Day on 25 May 2015 is a time-honoured tradition among the
African Union Member States and, on this occasion, Mauritius congratulates the African
Union for its relentless efforts in striving for a peaceful, integrated, people-centered
and prosperous Africa. Mauritius reiterates its full support to the African Union in this
It has been acknowledged and reiterated, time and again, how women are the
pillars of a successful development process. The theme for this year, “2015 Year of
Women Empowerment and Development towards Africa’s Agenda 2063”, is thus timely
as it gives gender mainstreaming a renewed momentum to harness political leadership
and overcome gaps and challenges pertaining to gender disparities. This theme further
adds value to the proclamation of the years 2010-2020 as the African Women’s
Africa Day 2015 provides a unique opportunity for all of us to rethink and reflect
on making our continent a better, safer and more secured place for women.
Over the years, the condition of women in Africa has certainly improved from
what it used to be. Female life expectancy is increasing, more girls are going to school,
more women are in paid workforce and many African countries have introduced laws
to protect women’s rights.
However, still more remains to be done in terms of
participation of women in decision making instances, addressing gender based
violence, and respecting the rights of women in the social, economic and political
Africa Agenda 2063 is, therefore, ideal as it provides a framework through
which women’s role will be enhanced with a view to enabling them to become central
actors in the African society.
The blue print underscores that Africa would be an
inclusive continent where no child, woman or man will be left behind and where young
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African women will contribute significantly to innovation and entrepreneurship. The
African Union is working on policies and programmes towards this end.
A fundamental area where women’s participation is most meaningful is peace
and security decision-making, both during and after peace negotiations. Hence, while
implementing the flagship project of Africa Agenda 2063 on the silencing of guns by
2020, the participation of women and girls in all peace and security processes and
structures will be strongly encouraged.
Recognising that women remain a most important pillar for accelerated growth,
Mauritius has placed women at the heart of its development.
Various legislations
pertaining to women’s rights have been enacted and policies and programmes have
been devised to uplift the status of the Mauritian women. Mauritius is determined to
consolidate and sustain its interventions and aims to see more individuals, institutions,
the community and society at large supporting women’s empowerment and gender
The celebration of Africa Day today marks the opening of new opportunities to
renew our commitment and political will at the national and Continental levels and to
unleash the full potential of women. Hence, Africa Agenda 2063 translates “Africa
Rising” from myth to reality and gender mainstreaming will no more remain a mere
Long Live Mauritius! Long Live Africa!
25 May 2015
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