National 4-H Conference Information - 4


National 4-H Conference Information - 4
National 4-H
2015 Awards Handbook
National 4-H Conference
National Conference is the pinnacle experience in 4-H citizenship, providing the opportunity for
young people to connect, learn, engage, lead and impact in their communities, their nation and
their world. This future-focused program aims to build strong leaders through roundtable discussions, town hall meetings, group assemblies, and visits with national legislators. Being selected to
represent our state at this conference is one of Oklahoma 4-H’s highest honors.
The unique environment of the program allows delegates to engage with national 4-H leadership (including USDA and CSREES) and to learn how to better youth-adult partnerships. The
program reinforces the ties 4-H has to the Cooperative Extension Service and the land-grant
university systems that make 4-H possible. Roundtable discussions generate ideas for club and
community improvement, and students are encouraged to implement these ideas in their home
states. Through the roundtable process, students also build valuable leadership skills including
team-building, flexibility, and communications. On “Capitol Hill Day” delegates have the opportunity to become more familiar with the national government by meeting with the Secretary
of Agriculture and Oklahoma’s own senators and representatives to discuss prominent issues the
students see in their home states and communities.
Expectations of Delegates
• This is a long commitment, beginning the year an individual attends conference. Delegates should plan on committing a minimum of 2 hours per week or 8 hours per month
to fulfill duties and expectations. Responsibilities of this trip do not end when delegates
arrive home.
• Oklahoma 4-H will cover almost all expenses for the trip, except for transportation to
and from the airport, meals on travel days and one meal on Capitol Hill Day. Pre- and
post-conference activities may require incurring expenses that are the individual’s responsibility (travel, phone calls, registration, etc.).
• Delegate must attend National 4-H Conference, typically scheduled between the middle
of March and April each year.
• Participate fully in the National Conference. This includes gathering data before the conference, bringing issues and ideas to the table on behalf of Oklahoma’s youth, and participating in pre-conference “chat” sessions online.
• Participate in pre-conference orientation activities.
Duties of Delegates
• Delegates will be responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating an Oklahoma
Back Home Action Plan that will benefit Oklahoma 4-H. This team action plan must be
in writing and approved by the state 4-H office. A final report of the Back Home Action
Plan must be completed and submitted to the state 4-H office.
• Be available to present workshops at county, district and/or state events (the topic must
have approval of the state adviser).
• This is not an all inclusive list of duties and expectations. Delegates should recognize that
there will be other functions and responsibilities in which participation is required.
2015 Awards Handbook
Who Can Apply
4-H members who will be a freshman, sophomore or junior in high school on Sept. 1 of the year
of application may apply. Three to four Oklahoma 4-H delegates will be selected to attend.
Application Package Must Include:
• National Conference Application Form signed by the member, a parent/guardian and the
member’s county Extension educator
• Latest State 4-H Record Book
• One to two page essay. For 2013, the essay topics included the following:
The Positive Impact of 4-H
1.Describe how you think Oklahoma 4-H benefits your community, state, or
nation. What are the most beneficial programs in your opinion and why? (Describe one of two programs, maximum)
2.Describe specific ways in which you have benefitted from your involvement in
3.What are some issues or programs that you’d like to see Oklahoma 4-H get
involved in, emphasize or develop for the future?
• Application packet will be due every year to each District Office at the beginning of December.
During National 4-H Conference, delegates will be asked to participate in town hall meetings.
Town hall meetings handled in the form of round table discussions provide delegates an opportunity to discuss and formulate recommendations related to 4-H marketing, youth-adult partnerships and youth in governance. As a result of these town hall meetings issues and needs are
identified and shared with the Secretary of Agriculture, national Extension program leaders, and
others who determine 4-H programs.The experience is a step-by step process to gather and share
information, resources, and opinions and develop ideas for solutions on the topic.
For more information on National 4-H Conference, visit the 4-H National Conference website at
2015 Awards Handbook