Healthcare policy and public affairs
About Advocate
Healthcare policy and public affairs
Advocate is the only leading public affairs
consultancy in the UK healthcare sector with
a focus on specialised commissioning, orphan
indications and rare conditions with high, unmet medical need.
We provide bespoke, integrated services that
enable our clients to navigate the complex,
fast-changing world of health policy.
We have a proven track record, having worked
successfully on some of the most highprofile access to medicines campaigns of
the past decade. We pride ourselves on our
professionalism and our commitment to results.
Our Services
& Public
Our Services
Policy & Public Affairs
We work to influence and provide insight into the policy
environment, ensuring that our clients are best placed to
take advantage of current and future conditions.
Working in close conjunction with a range of stakeholders,
we use targeted communications to engage and build
relationships with key influencers and relevant policy makers.
Strategic Advice
We advise our clients on a range of issues affecting
their long-term business success. Drawing on our
superior knowledge of the environment in which they
operate, we help our clients anticipate and develop
strategic approaches to current and future challenges.
Campaign Management
We design and implement strategic national campaigns
across the UK, working with our clients to develop themes
and messages, organise events and manage stakeholder
communications. We provide stakeholder groups with the
tools they need to make their voice heard and influence
policymakers in an extremely complex, dynamic environment.
Our Services
Crisis Management
We help our clients to effectively navigate through acute
crises that may pose threats and risks to their short- and
mid-term strategic goals by employing bespoke strategic
communication programmes across Westminster and
Whitehall, tailored to the immediate needs of our clients.
We have a proven track record in expeditiously resolving
unexpected obstacles related to wider market access and
NHS commissioning matters.
Market Access
We support our clients to develop pre- and post-launch
compelling value-propositions for their products and
communicate them to payers, prescribers, and health
technology appraisal bodies across the UK. Our objective
is to ensure that all appropriate patients who would benefit,
get rapid and maintained access to the proposed treatment,
at the right price, establishing the commercial frameworks
that will allow the treatment to succeed.
Our Approach
The UK healthcare environment is complex,
highly-politicised and continually evolving.
In the case of orphan indications with high, unmet
medical need, things are even more challenging.
With such high stakes, a clear understanding of the
landscape is essential: Achieving results depends
on being able to navigate the conflicting interests
of patients, clinicians, government and industry.
With its unrivalled expertise in the sector,
Advocate is in a unique position to enable its
clients to successfully negotiate this complicated,
highly-sensitive environment.
Our bespoke, integrated services concentrate on
aligning stakeholder interests, empowering our
clients to realise their strategic objectives in a way
that complements their broader considerations
and longer-term ambitions. Robust
Who We Work With
Industry, clinicians and patient groups
Advocate provides bio tech and pharma companies
with the political and policy expertise required
to get innovative treatments to the patients who
need them. We also campaign directly with patient
groups and clinicians, helping them to have their
voices heard in the crowded policy environment.
Policy makers
To support our clients to engage with the policy
making process, Advocate works with a range of
actors from every level of government including:
– Houses of Parliament
(MPs and Peers)
– Devolved administrations
(MSPs, AMs, MLAs)
– Think Tanks
– Government departments
– Non-departmental public bodies
– Ministers and Special Advisors.
Advocate really took the time to understand the disease area,
how it relates to the public policy environment and what it means
commercially. This thoroughness and attention to detail was also
applied to subsequent advice and project implementation, which
have always been of an extremely high quality.
Lynne Bannerman, Haemophilia Business
Unit Manager at Bayer HealthCare
Advocate understand the need for a clear reimbursement strategy
and how to translate it into effective tactics. They have consistently
provided comprehensive strategic counsel and excellent stakeholder
communication management which has proved critical to ensuring the
successful reimbursement for our orphan medicine in the UK.
Mark Barrett, former Country Manager UK and Ireland,
Alexion Pharma
Advocate has the ability to navigate clients through the complexities
of the UK healthcare policy environment with a clear focus on
achieving commercial objectives. Advocate is always ahead of the
game and understands how to strategically position companies to
become thought leaders in the space.
Natalie Douglas, Executive Chairman,
Rocket Science
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