Closing the Gap: Celebrating Efforts


Closing the Gap: Celebrating Efforts
Income Equality Aotearoa New Zealand Inc.  Closing the Gap
MEDIA RELEASE: 12th April 2015
Celebrating Efforts
“Kiwis who care about closing the inequality gap need to support businesses who are making an
effort,” says Peter Malcolm, spokesperson for Closing the Gap.
“The recent publicity around zero hour contracts highlights the worst of our business practices. It’s
pretty depressing hearing about changes to employment that work to entrench and even widen the
gap between the rich and the poor.
In contrast, it’s heartening to look at organisations that are working to address income inequality in
New Zealand.
For instance, over the last few years The Warehouse has put in place a Career Retailer Wage that
moved its long-term workers off the minimum wage. While the move cost the company several
million in increased wage bills, it has also helped them by reducing staff turnover, giving their
workers more spending power in store, and motivating them to provide a better service.
“You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that paying people well, showing that you value
them, builds a better relationship between workers and their employer,” says Malcolm. “The
Warehouse should be congratulated on its move in the right direction when it comes to income
inequality in New Zealand.
Other employers that should be supported include those accredited as Living Wage employers by
the Living Wage campaign. Run by a group of organisations promoting wages that give workers
dignity and the opportunity to fully participate in society, their webpage lists organisations that have
signed up to address inequality by paying a living wage.
“Those of us who care to make New Zealand a more equal place can use our own purchasing power
to make a difference by supporting organisations making an effort.
For further information, contact Peter Malcolm phone 07 5524809
mobile 022 3086982
Email [email protected]