Don`s Piano Warehouse Scholarship


Don`s Piano Warehouse Scholarship
Don’s Piano Warehouse Scholarship
2 Scholarships Available (Approx. $350)
(Consisting of a complete APTA Conference including accommodation)
Application deadline July 15
Applications must include:
A cover letter with a brief bio of the applicant. This information is to be used for the
presentation of scholarships at the conference should you be successful.
A resume of academic and music educational background. Include any plans for furthering
your education.
A description of your teaching class including:
- Number of years you have taught.
- Size of class
- Grade levels taught
- Participation in festivals and exams
- Recitals and other events students participate in
Because this scholarship is partly based on financial need, please elaborate.
Two letters of reference.
In addition submit a detailed response to the following questions:
Have you ever been to a music conference? If so, describe your experience and talk about how
this has impacted your teaching.
How do you share your musical talents with your church, your community and your colleagues?
Why did you choose a career in piano teaching? Who was your greatest inspiration? Why?
Please forward your application to:
Joan Ritchie
57 Longview Crescent
St. Albert, AB T8N 2W1
Phone 780.458.5771