Master It


Master It
Thomas Italo Grima
Master It
The Master It scholarship program enabled me to further specialize in my area
without incurring a large financial burden. This allowed me to concentrate on
studying and researching around the subject while broadening my horizons.
Studying at University College London was a unique experience, which allowed
me to engage in top quality research, as well as lectured by some of the best in
the industry, while building professional and personal relationships.
By furthering my understanding of biomaterials and tissue engineering I have
equipped myself with unique tools to help me tackle life and medical sciences
projects and research activities. Master It helped me to make the right decision
to carry on studying after my bachelor’s degree was in hand. Without the
program I might have thought otherwise to keep on going.
The research work disclosed in this publication is partially funded by the Master
Scholarship Scheme (Malta). This Scholarship is part-financed by the European
European Social Fund (ESF) under Operational Programme II – Cohesion
Policy 2007-2013, “Empowering People for More Jobs and a Better Quality Of