Greater Riverside Employer Advisory Council (EAC) 2015


Greater Riverside Employer Advisory Council (EAC) 2015
Greater Riverside Employer Advisory Council (EAC)
2015 Scholarship Award Application
First Name: ________________________Last Name: __________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________
City: ________________________________ State: _________Zip Code: ___________
Telephone_____________________________ Email:___________________________
Current School: ______________________________________ GPA: _____________
School you will attend: ___________________________________________________
Company Name: ________________________________________________________
SPECIFIC CRITERIA: To qualify for the GREAC Scholarship Program, recipients must meet all of the
following criteria.
1. High School Senior with a 2.50 GPA or above. (Please submit an unofficial transcript for your
entire high school classes to date with application)
2. Have some sort of community involvement (state your involvement on the attached form).
3. Have a commitment to succeed by pursuing education such as college, trade, or vocational school
(Complete above the name of the school you will attend and where it is located).
4. Be nominated by a Greater Riverside EAC (2015 paid member).
5. Reside in the city of Riverside or Moreno Valley.
ESSAY QUESTION: Please provide a statement of 500 words or less answering the following questions:
Why do you feel that you deserve to have this scholarship and how will you use the money if it is
awarded to you? Make sure to include any relevant information about yourself, your educational and
professional goals.
TO APPLY: The scholarship application packet should include the following items:
Application cover sheet (Scholarship Award Application)
Essay Question noted above.
Community involvement (worksheet attached)
Unofficial School Transcripts through 12th grade.
DUE DATE: The scholarship application packet must be received on or before 3:00 PM on Tuesday,
May 12, 2015. Only completed applications received (not postmarked) by that date and time will
qualify. Finalists will be notified in May 2015
Mail or hand deliver the completed Scholarship Application to Laura Harris –
[email protected], 1325 Spruce Street #110, Riverside, CA 92507