Vocational Scholarship Program


Vocational Scholarship Program
Your investment in the Opportunities, Inc.
Vocational Scholarship Program
will keep the doors of employment
open for individuals with disabilities.
Program participants receive valuable services
David Bienfang (Finance Member)
President, PremierBank
Bruce Loeb (Business Member)
President, Loeb-Lorman Iron & Metal Co.
essential for job satisfaction and community
Vince Guerrero (Legal/Parent Member)
Attorney, Anderson Group
• Job Training
• Employee relations
Tracy Chynoweth (Education Member)
Director, Continuing Education
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
independence, including:
• Mentoring
Financial gifts directly support services that assist
Gary Jonas (Community Member)
individuals with disabilities in obtaining work,
Dr. Nancy Harris (Medical Member)
Physician, UW Health Partners
Watertown Regional Medical Center
to its fullest potential.
Phil Niemeyer (Business Member)
President, Nasco International
earning a paycheck and experiencing life
Vocational Scholarship
Board of Directors
Jeff McFarlane (Business/Parent Member)
Corporate Manager, Human Resources,
Trek Bicycle Corporation
Kathleen Hansen (Parent Member)
Lake Mills Police Chief
Serving you... Barb LeDuc
President/CEO, Opportunities, Inc.
Agency Mission:
Opportunities, Inc. provides
services for individuals for the
purpose of maximizing their
success and enhancing their
abilities to be independent,
contributing members of the
Designed and Produced by the
Opportunities, Inc. Print Services
and consumer workforce.
your community.
Work defines
who we are...
Dear Friends,
At Opportunities, Inc. it is our mission
to promote the employment goals of all
those who have the aspiration to work.
Therefore, the organization has established
a Vocational Scholarship Program to
advance the specialized services available
for consumers; supporting them in the
workplace and in the community.
We invite you to join us in this worthy
ambition to ensure all people regardless of
ability can experience life, celebrate liberty
and pursue happiness.
Best Regards,
Gives us
a purpose...
Carol "Working at
Opportunities, Inc. is
just great! I love the
battery job and the
Quench gum job very
much. There is always
work to be done; that
makes me very happy."
Steve "Opportunities, Inc.
was able to assist me
in bringing meaning
and a sense of
belonging into my life
through employment.
I really enjoy being
needed at work and
feeling a sense of
accomplishment while
working at the I-94 Rest Area."
Joanne "I am proud of my work
at Opportunities, Inc.
and trying new jobs.
I like playing golf for
Special Olympics and
going out to eat with the
money I earn."
our community!
Vocational Scholarship Funds
directly impact the • 25 programs and services available
for training and employment.
• 600 consumers served throughout
Southeastern Wisconsin annually.
• 100 community employers in
partnership with Opportunities, Inc.
on an annual basis.
"Far and away the best
prize that life offers is the
chance to work hard at
work worth doing."
-Theodore Roosevelt