Class VIII


Class VIII
Dear children,
We are sure that all of you must be enjoying your holidays. You
must have started making plans to visit your grandparents,
relatives and friends, watching television during the day, taking
a dip in the swimming pool and joining some activity classes
with your friends.
We wish that you enjoy every minute of this long break with
your family and friends. It will be great if you are able to find
time to visit museums and monuments, learn new things, explore
new areas near your house, play indoor and outdoor games , read
as many story books as you can , help your parents and
grandparents, go for morning walk and play in the park in the
evenings during your long summer break. We are giving a short
assignment for the vacation. We have tried to make the work
enjoyable keeping in mind your interest. Space out the work &
the child will enjoy doing it.
Enjoy your holidays!
S – sunny all the day
U – umbrella all the way
M – mango just I want
M – more & more juicy
E – evenings are bit cool
R – refreshing drink a glass full
Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space based satellite system that
provides location and time. Find more information about it and prepare a
Power Point Presentation showing its usage / advantages. (Justify your
Prepare a project on the given question keeping the following pointers in mind.
Trace the history of GPS
Where and how it is being used
Benefits in today’s world
Think of ways as to how and where can you take it to the next level
Give an area where you feel GPS is required immediately(may be in your school
or any where else)and how it can be effectively used .
**NOTE **
For the homework assigned you have to make a power point presentation along
with data presentation with pictures and write-ups (handwritten) on A-4 size sheet.
Individual presentations will be appreciated for which a proper schedule to
present them will be intimated later after the school reopens in the month of July.
Criteria to
judge the presentation are as follows:
Presentation ( content )
Eye contact
Research work
Validity of data
Usage of vocabulary
Analysis and Synthesizing of data
*Prepare well for Formative Assessments -1
*Read the biography of Surya Kant Tripathi Nirala, also read any one of his stories
written by him. (It will be considered as Hindi FA-1 activity)

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