beneficios de fotografías aéreas con aviones no tripulados.


beneficios de fotografías aéreas con aviones no tripulados.
The use of this technology provides quick access to spatial data.
Among others it’s interesting….
for science in the field of ecology and environment …
for the planning within environmental projects …
for the monitoring of projects …
for the supervision of agricultural production …
for groups and organizations with low financial resources …
for community projects in rural areas.
Forest cover and forest condition analysis.
NDVI (Normalized Differenced Vegetation Index).
NDRE (Normalized Difference Red Edge)
Development of high resolution 3D models of terrain
For watershed analysis and management.
Land planning at community level.
Control and monitoring of the state of crops.
Projects in the context of climate change (Assessment of
carbon sinks).
A: Location, authorization and flight plan (Mission Planner)
B: Flights
Image processing
Point Cloud in LAS format
Orthophoto (mosaic )
Resolution 2.78cm / Pixel
Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and Contours
Standard = 1m equidistance
Rectified with terrestrial control points = <5cm
3D models in different formats (obj, ply, dae, pdf-3D)
3D printing of terrain models
Format kmz for direct use in Google Earth
reveals variability in plant vigor
and biomass, often times not
visible in standard RGB color
is more sensitive to changes in
leaf chlorophyll content and
provide information about plant
nutrient status.
Comparison of images taken with a drone and satellite images (Google Earth / Spot 5).
High precision ground control points (GCP)
The geographical precision of
Orthophotos is relative and
depends on the GPS on board
from the drone. In the elevation
the deviation is significant and
needs to be eliminated during the
image processing.
collaborates with Geo Nomad
(, which has
a long history in surveying,
topography, geodesy and aerial
GPS services are performed by
GeoNomad to establish the
precise horizontal and vertical
control (ground truthing) using
GPS and GNSS high-end
equipment from the Swiss brand
Leica Geosystems.
Ground control points (GCP)
The signs to be seen in the pictures
from the drones are semi-permanent,
plastic blanked or painted, if possible,
on asphalt or cement. The signals are
always placed at ground level, not on
buildings. With this we guarantee the
best correlation between ground and
picture coordinates.
In this way we do the so-called
"ground-truth" and reduce errors,
increasing the accuracy of the final
product. Depending on the requirement
we use GPS or GNSS through high
precision equipment. We do this in
collaboration with Geo Nomad
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