(Cervus elaphus)


(Cervus elaphus)
How to track Red Deer?
(Cervus elaphus)
S. J. de Beer, W. P. R. Hantson, J. van Huijstee, C. R. Sabajo, S. Prinz
[email protected]
Management unit Veluwezoom of the Foundation Natuurmonumenten would like
to map the dispersal and distribution of red deer (Cervus elaphus) in the
National Park Veluwezoom by use of a GPS/GSM monitoring system. To find a
suitable system the project group ANIMAL TRACKING ONLINE analysed several
options. In cooperation with the commissioner a system was selected and
• Implement a working tracking system for red deer.
• Create a manual for the selection and use of such system.
• Give advices on spatial data analysis.
GSM modem &
GPS Plus Software
GPS Satellite Network
GSM Network
Export into
ArcGIS Map
GPS/GSM collar
GPS/GSM Tracking System offered by VECTRONIC Aerospace©
During the selection of a suitable system LOTEK Wireless©, a Canadian
company and VECTRONIC Aerospace©, a German company were found to
be best suited. The latter system was chosen to monitor red deer.
Map of the National Park Veluwezoom based
on LGN5, Dutch Land Use Map (right)
Map of the Veluwe Area (left)
Spatial Data Analysis Examples
Four different visualisations of four fictive deer locations.
1. Distribution of locations
2. Area of distribution (Minimum Convex Polygons)
3. Movement Patterns
4. Density Distribution (Kernel Density)
Due to restrictions in delivery period for the GPS devices we were not able
to set up the whole system. The ordering of the devices was facilitated as
far as possible and is in process. A manual for the selection and use of such
a system accompanied with advices on data analysis are delivered.
After having run a pilot study, foundation Natuurmonumenten will be able to
extend the monitoring system to more individuals or even to other species.
This new information will help to adapt and improve the current management
schemes and policy in the National Park Veluwezoom.
Centre for Geo/Information, Wageningen/UR
P.O. Box 47, NL/6700 AA Wageningen, The Netherlands