M2M and IoT


M2M and IoT
Telematics Solutions
Custom GPS
technology solutions
to solve your business
M2M and IoT
Build, deploy and manage
your connected solutions
BIGmate is one of the leading innovators in the global field of GPS tracking and asset
management technology.
Over more than 10 years, BIGmate has established a proven record in the provision of
cutting-edge GPS tracking and productivity solutions to a broad range of industries
and markets.
With humble beginnings specialising in fleet and asset tracking, BIGmate has
transformed into an all-encompassing GPS technology and telematics company with
capabilities stretching across remote tracking of connected fleets, fixed and mobile
equipment, and even people.
We harness, innovate and embrace GPS systems for our customers to connect them
to a whole new level of information. We do this simply because we believe telematics
can fundamentally change the way business managers and owners approach their
operations, by unlocking information to make better business decisions.
Connectivity when it counts
M2M and IoT
Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and the Internet of Things (IoT)
technologies are transforming the way we do business and allow
us to capture enormous amounts of intelligence.
However it’s how we utilise the data and manage the connectivity
that can mean the difference between commercial failure and
BIGmate helps businesses make the transition to the world of M2M and IoT by making it easy to deploy and
manage these technology solutions.
To bring you these world leading solutions, we have partnered with the global leader in the M2M and IoT
space, PositionLogic - a KORE Wireless Group Company, who bring their innovative and talented hardware and
software team to our offering. Add to this BIGmate’s dedicated team of hardware and software experts across
Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Mackay, and you’ll see why we can deliver a tailored solution that meets your
In addition we have numerous on the ground solution providers in each state to work with you in a
collaborative manner.
The BIGmate platform is user friendly, responsive
and intuitive, providing entirely customisable
services to match your company’s unique needs.
Software Development Services
BIGmate offers first-class specialised services that include software customisation, extensive
development, staff training, and guidance for the design of efficient and scalable solutions.
Our skilled team is dedicated to becoming your partner in technology, marketing, research
and development to get you the results you need in the time you need them.
Services we provide include:
Custom asset management solutions and GPS
tracking systems
Special alerting rules
Customised reports and special features
Full integration with additional applications
in your organisation
Custom hardware integration
Custom map dataset integration
Qualified installation services offered nationally and in remote locations
Proficient training
GPS Tracking for the Enterprise
If you’re a large business or government you can now run BIGmate’s GPS tracking
platform on your own servers. With our Enterprise GPS tracking solution you can scale
up or down, manage load balancing, or implement an audit trail - our software will
work for you.
Minimise monthly fees
Host your own in-house GPS tracking solution
Track thousands of devices with a fully customisable and scalable platform
With the stability and flexibility of our software also comes a whole range of GPS
tracking features that will contribute directly to your enterprise’s bottom line.
Mobile Tracking for Those on the Go
We have mobile apps that enable tracking on iOS, Android and Blackberry
devices. Our mobile tracking solutions include:
Low-cost GPS Tracking
Improved individual supervision
Elimination of side jobs
Reduction of theft losses
Increased employee accountability
Easy deployment, installation and
license provisioning
Our Partners We understand that to offer our customers the best possible solutions we need to employ
the most talented individuals and secure direct partnerships with global leaders in the
area of Telematics, IoT and related solutions.
As the world becomes more connected we’ll keep evolving with imagination, passion
and with an entrepreneurial outlook.
A KORE Wireless Group Company
Position Logic
Location-Based Services by RacoWireless
Our Promise
We will keep innovating with passion, creativity and enthusiasm to deliver
the best possible solutions now and well into the future. “This is our promise”.
At BIGmate we are determined to be the market leader, we understand to
achieve this goal we must listen closely and service your every need.
After all, it is only by helping you reach your goals that we can reach
our own.
Find out how we can help you
make better business decisions.
1300 477 787
[email protected] | www.bigmate.com.au

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