ETEX Brochure


ETEX Brochure
Lone worker protection device
for EX – environments
Other features
Glass fibre reinforced cover
Elastomer protected edges
Splash proof
Shock resistant
Power on and off timers
One-touch dialling
Quick dialling
Last / recent numbers redial
DTMF transmission
On screen (flash) messages
Telematics and GPS settings protected by
GPS antenna integrated
Weight :
Length :
Width :
Thickness :
185 gr
129 mm
49 mm
30 mm
Wireless network standard
GSM 900 , GSM 1800 and EGSM 900/1800
MHz dual band networks
Positioning Technology
Global positioning system (GPS)
Twelve parallel channel receiver
Full graphics high contrast screen
Resolution 100 X 48 pixels
Graphical status indication and icons
No illumination
Automatic and manual key lock
ITU-T European keypad printing
Any-key answering
Lone worker protection
Verticality sensor (45°)
Or movement sensor.
Alerts with pre alarm
SMS message + call
Times can be set and changed.
Safety features
Easy to use button for manual alarm
Automatic calling to Emergency numbers
Configurable hands free operation
Condition check timer ( live man check)
Telematics Features
MPTP command set
Location update commands
Remote configuration
Standard package includes
Exalon track EX device
Desktop battery charger
Leather heavy duty case with belt clip
User manual
Optional accessories
Configurator software with data cable
PC application for alarm management and
remote configuration
ATEX Certification
II 2 G EEx ib IIB T4
ZELM 06 ATEX 0308
Zone 1 Cat. II Gas
intrinsically safe
temperature class 4