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Wrist One Pager Rev A_Gradient
Capitate Replacement
WristMotion Hinges On A
Congruent Joint
The WristMotion Wrist Hemiarthroplasty System restores mobility
and maintains native biomechanics using a dual curved HemiCAPITATE™
implant that locks into a taper post for strong fixation. The implant is
designed to articulate with the natural radius bone and references the
curvature of the lunate fossa. The system also consists of a set of precision
instruments for mapping and preparing the site.
Capitate Replacement
6 implant sizes & curvatures with ultra smooth surfaces for
improved volar & dorsal flexion
Converts a complex carpal joint into a simple, smooth
radiocarpal articulating hinge
Replacing the capitate surface expands the Proximal Row
Carpectomy’s indications to provide alternatives to fusions
HemiCAPITATE system references the native anatomy of the
lunate fossa to prescribe the ideal implant curvature
Two Diameters and multiple curvature options allow an
off-the-shelf custom fit into a single modular taper post
Minimal Hardware implanted into a single bone creates a
reproducible and technically simple procedure that does not
require the fusing of adjacent bones
Inlay design matches the native
anatomy & optimizes stability
Tapered Screw & Morse Taper Interlock
for proven Rock-Solid Fixation
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PN 3001-4007 REV A
Ti Plasma Spray undercoating provides
excellent implant fixation characteristics