A Tutor in Town!


A Tutor in Town!
June-July 2015
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A Tutor in
Spanish Summer
June 22 – 26
June 29 – July 3
Where: 7391 Muirfield Dr.
Ypsilanti Township, Michigan 48197
Phone: 734-635-2195
9:00am to 2:00pm
A Tutor in Town! Spanish Summer Program
A Tutor in
Town! Spanish
Created By Mariana Risquez
Summer is almost here! And A Tutor in
Town! has prepared a fun and
educational program to learn Spanish
that promises to be, in its first season,
the best Spanish program in our
A Tutor in Town! has built an excellent
reputation among its customers by
being an effective, efficient and reliable
new tutoring company directed by
Mariana Risquez, an Educational
Psychologist from Caracas,Venezuela.
“Learn Spanish through music,
“Learning Spanish is a great
contribution to the education of our
children, it is an amazing resource
when developing areas of academic
knowledge and social skills habilities,
our beloved kids deserve to have the
priceless benefits of being part of a
bilingual and multilingual world.”M.R
Every day a different
theme all in Spanish
“I totally trust her.Private tutoring
results have been a real positive
addition to my daughters
education!” J. Delongue - Parent
games and hands on activities!”M.R
For children: 5 to 11 years old
Starts at 9:00am to 2:00pm
Extra hour’s available!
Our Schedule:
Program starts at 9:00am
Snacks around: 10:30am
Lunch is at 12:30pm (lunch comes
from home)
Program ends at 2:00pm
Our Staff: All of our teacher’s assistants
“Mariana is caring to each one of her
students in such a dedicated way that
her impact on my son’s development
speaks for itself.” C.Burke - Parent.
are native Spanish speakers certified in
CPR and First aid.
Appreciate the
Hispanic culture, right
through fun games
and songs you'll love!
Animals and countries! The animal kingdom
in Latin America.
We are sailors and explorers! Sail on the
oceans of the world in, let's play hidden
treasure, big puzzles, win a prize!
Art and science with colors and numbers!
Sand, paint, color chemical reactions, fun
color mixing activities!
Crafts! Make your own wax crayons!
Storytellers! El rey midas, El lobo y los 7
Discover where things are! Left and right,
east, west & more!
Fun Latin Traditional games! Challenging
physical ability and cognitive ability! ...
(More details in our welcome package)
Children will enjoy different guided activities,
but also will have access to bilingual books and
board games, at all times in case they want to
rest from the outside or group activities.
Tuition fee: Covers full cost of the program,
incluidng supplies, sun screen and snacks. You may
choose single days or complete weeks.
Register by 4/15/15
$260-week or $58-day
$340-week or $68-day
Ask for our special siblings discount.