Let`s Review!


Let`s Review!
July Curriculum Guide
Let’s Review!
Reading Comprehension
1. The native people of the Southwest harvested and grew the most useful types of plants.
Ask students to name one of these plants and how it was put to use.
2. The book Land of AND introduces children to the concepts of inclusion and accepting differences.
See if students can define “inclusion.” Then discuss the importance of accepting different people.
3. The idea of Christian Bucks’ schoolyard bench is to bring children together at recess to play. Can students
recall or imagine an experience when they had no one to play with? Have them describe that experience in a
few sentences.
4. In Juicy Jack’s Spanish Corner, we learn the Spanish words for several summer activities. Can students write
a complete sentence in Spanish about their two favorite things to do during the summer?
5. A garden can be a magical place to learn about growing plants and vegetables. Beans are one of the easiest
vegetables to grow. Can students name one variety of beans? See if they can give some instructions for
planting them.
July Curriculum Guide
True or False
1. The Finding My Way book series focuses on the experiences of children with special needs.
2. There are only two tribes of native people in Arizona.
3. Before creating Garfield, Jim Davis created Gnorm Gnat.
4. Beans should be planted in a sunny location.
5. When making strawberry shortcake, you bake the strawberries in the oven until they are golden brown.
6. The Land Of… children’s series includes rhyming verses.
7. “Playa” is the Spanish word for “play.”
Fill in the Blank
1. The roots of the Soaptree Yucca plant were used to make ________________ and shampoo.
2. The Tale of Tumeleg is a story about ________________ in the African jungle.
3. Jim Davis is the creator of a very successful comic strip about a ________________ named Garfield.
4. According to Maddie Yeager’s poem, April showers bring ________________ flowers.
5. In the book Six Kids and A Stuffed Cat, students are forced to stay in their school building because
of a ________________.
6. The number of Finding My Way books currently in print is ________________.
7. In Spanish, “nadar en el mar” means “to swim in the ________________.”
1. soap 2. elephants 3. cat 4. May 5. storm 6. eight 7. ocean
Fill in the Blanks:
1. True 2. False 3. True 4. True 5. False 6. True 7. False