Mexico Study Abroad Brochure


Mexico Study Abroad Brochure
Program Fees
Complete program fees including lodging, classes, offered activities
and excursions: $940 and Airfare: $350-$500*
(40 hours of classes - $450; Tuition and fees (3 credits) - $246 [price
reflects in-state tuition rates]; Lodging - $490), Group insurance policy$21.00 (per 2 week session).
Airfare is subject to change. All students are responsible for purchasing their
own airline ticket and should make this a first priority. CAC works with ADA
Travel Agency (520-836-7411) to assist students in booking flights for the
Spanish immersion summer program, or flights can be arranged
independently. A passport for travel is required and applications can be found
Additional excursions and classes may be
available for added fees. These will be optional.
Anyone interested in finding out more information
about this opportunity, please contact Spanish
Professor John Prevost at [email protected]
or (520) 494-5386. He is available to assist you in
completing the registration and payment process. The
deadline is May 19, 2016. Students are also highly
encouraged to visit Universal’s website at
About Universal
The basic philosophy of Universal is that while a precisely defined core
program is fundamental to ensuring the learning of the structure of the
language, it is equally important that each student’s course of study be
appropriately geared for his or her aptitude, previous experiences, personal
interests, and ongoing rate of progress during the program. Prior to starting a
course of study, an outline is developed collaboratively by the student, the
program director and the instructors. Each week, the student’s progress is
evaluated and adjustments are made to his or her course outline as necessary.
Classes consist of one to five students per instructor and meet for five 50
minute sessions, Monday through Friday.
Central Arizona College Spanish Professor, John Prevost has been affiliated
with the Universal Center for Language and Social Communication
“Universal” for more than 20 years. The on-site instructors have a strong
academic background in teaching Spanish to foreigners and implement an
innovative approach to teaching the languages using a cultural background.
Three 14 Day Sessions
May 29 - June 11, 2016 and/or
June 12 - June 25, 2016 and/or
June 26- July 9, 2016
Cuernavaca, Mexico is world famous for its tropical climate, impressive
archaeological ruins and spectacular valley scenery. The location is 90 minutes
from Mexico City and at 5,000 feet above sea level boasts pleasant year round
temperatures of 70 to 80 degrees.
Spanish Classes
Upon arrival students will be tested on their Spanish proficiency level and placed
in a class size of one to five students. Students will be given five hours of intensive
daily instruction by a highly qulaified native instructor. Students enroll in one or
more classes for the duration of the two, four or six week program:
SPA117 - Mexican Culture & Spanish
Conversational 1 (3 credits) - An individual course designed to introduce students
to the Spanish language and cultures of the Spanish speaking world. Students learn
and use the language by speaking, listening, reading and writing at their own level
of ability. Language structure and vocabulary for communication are examined and
explored in Spanish.
SPA118 - Mexican Culture & Spanish
Conversational II (3 credits) - A continuation of SPA117. In this interactive course,
students use listening, reading, speaking and writing at a more complete level.
Students further develop their receptive and productive competencies to a higher
Students will be hosted by selected families. Home stays are an invaluable way to
learn about Latin American culture and an important factor in mastering Spanish.
All participants will be provided with an excellent opportunity to improve their
Spanish, explore first hand the cultural context of the language and cultivate new
and enriching relationships.
Facilities at Universal
The extensive facilties at the language school include 20 different classrooms, a
small library with books in English and Spanish, a clean swimming pool,
extensive tropical gardens, a ping-pong table, and volleyball and raquetball
courts. The ample grounds offer plenty of comfortable spaces to study and
2016 Summer Spanish Program
Sightseeing and Excursions
CUERNAVACA - Capital of the state of Morelos. The city is home to many
sites of historical significance: wonderful restaurants; the sites of Hapsburg; the
Cathedral with its famous Sunday Mariachi Mass; the Robert Brady Museum;
the workshop of Muralist David Siqueiros; the Teopanzolco Archaelogical site
and temple of the pre-Hispanic Tlahuica culture; and a colorful market which is
open daily to purchase souvenirs. The most famous points of interest are:
TEOTIHUACAN - An ancient Toltec city which flourished at the beginning of
the 1st century, with 18 square miles consisting of the Sun Pyramid, Moon
Pyramid, Feathered Serpent Pyramid plus other impressive sculptures.
XOCHICALCO - Another pre-Columbian archaeological site, also consists of
several building, terraces and pyramids and creates and early fortress complex
that came into prominence after Teotihuacan was declining in 600 A.D.
LAS GRUTAS DE CACAHUAMILPA - Illuminated stalactite and stalagmite
caverns which create spectacular natural sculptures with names like The
Fountain, The Goat and the Bell Tower.
MEXICO CITY - The capital city with over 23 million inhabitants. Many
important sites including the main square (zocalo), cathedral, Templo Mayor,
government palace where Diego Rivera murals are prominently displayed, and
the Mueseum of Anthropology.
TAXCO - A colorful colonial city with cobble-stoned streets. Its silver artisans
are known worldwide for their jewelry, housewares, etc.
TEPOZTLAN - A peacful little village nestled in the mountains and known
for its famous weekend craft market and its 16th centruy church and convent.
The adventuresome can take a hike up the Tepozteco pyramid for impressive
views of the area.
Once again, Central Arizona College is sponsoring an annual trip to
beautiful southern Mexico in Cuernavaca from May 29 through June
11 and/or June 12 through June 25 and/or June 26 through July 9.
Students will study in a wonderful language school named Universal.
The school is located in the heart of Cuernavaca and centrally
located to many places of interest.
Students will be offered outside school activities and excursions
such as Spanish cooking, dance, and Mexican history classes, visits
to museums, markets and shopping trips, along with main plaza
visits. During the second weekend, students can participate in two
out-of-city excursions to places such as Mexico City, Taxco, Sun and
Moon pyramids, etc. Most daily excursions and both weekend
excursions will be offered at no additional cost.
Students who successfully complete the two-week immersion program
will receive 3 credit hours.

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