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Avaya Midmarket Solutions Credential Launch a - Avaya
APDS – Avaya Midmarket Solutions Credential Launch a Success!
You asked, Avaya Learning delivered and now there are over 300 partner associates holding the
APDS - Avaya Midmarket Solutions credential and that’s just the beginning! This is exciting news
for those following the market adoption since its December 2014 launch.
New APDS Credential for Avaya Midmarket Solutions
Avaya Midmarket Solutions Design Curriculum
If you design Avaya Midmarket Solutions in support of customer requirements and have not yet completed
the credential, check out these training offers available on the Avaya Learning Center.
Offer Code
Avaya Midmarket Solutions - Overview for Technical Sales
This offer introduces the student to the Avaya Midmarket Solution. It builds a foundation for
understanding trends and typical business drivers in the midmarket as well as
understanding how the Avaya Midmarket Solution can help solve business issues of
midmarket companies. It also introduces the individual products that can be used to create
a midmarket solution and links into documents that provide more information on the
individual products.
 Web based 1.5 hours, plus additional time for consumption of the product
information documents.
Avaya Midmarket Solutions Customer Field Study
This course introduces learners to real live customer cases in order to showcase how the sales
conversation with a customer leads into building a solution that meets their needs and
integrates several products Avaya offers for the Midmarket. The topics for those customer
conversations are: Ease of Configuration, Ease of Management, Mobility, Conferencing and
 Web Based 1.5 hours
Earning the APDS – Avaya Midmarket Solutions requires successful completion of the Avaya Midmarket
Solutions APDS Online Test (#3M002401A). Visit the credential curriculum map on the Avaya Learning
Center, www.avaya-learning.com, for full details and to register.
Channel Partner Note
Avaya Connect partners should review the Avaya Solutions Authorization Policy Guide
published on the Partner Portal for details on how the APDS credentials are considered
in the Channel Partner Program.
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