IP Phone - AV-iQ


IP Phone - AV-iQ
Avaya Government Solutions
Secure TSG-Certified IP Phone
Innovative. Efficient. Type Accepted Class B IP Phone brings security and innovative
features to desktop communications for deployment inside of Sensitive Compartmented
Information Facilities (SCIFs).
The Avaya Government Solutions IP Phone 9620L-PDB unveils an exciting array of
innovative and secure voice-over-IP communication features and capabilities with the
Type Accepted Class B desktop IP Phone.
Ideally suited for both office workers and administrative personnel working in secure areas, the four-line Avaya IP Phone 9620L-PDB H.323
with deployment support on Avaya communication servers.
The IP Phone 9620L-PDB also enables the presentation of converged voice and data applications, leveraging its integrated high-resolution
graphical, eight-level grayscale display. With robust and tightly-linked communications features from Avaya communication servers, the Avaya IP
Phone 9620L-PDB positions U.S. Federal Government customers to meet both today’s and tomorrow’s communications needs.
The National Telecommunications Security Working Group (NTSWG) has issued Certification Number CNSS-B-11-2010 approving the Avaya IP
Phone 9620L-PDB. The phone is available for purchase using material code 700478472 and can be used with either power over ethernet or
AC power capability. If AC power capability is required Power Supply material code 700434897 and Power Cord material code 405362641
would need to be purchased separately.
Key Features and Benefits
Positive disconnect provides on-hook audio security, immediately disconnecting the telephone when not in use
Unique off-hook visual indicator acts as an alert so the user
and bystanders know the security features are off when the
phone is off hook
Unique identifier appears in three places inside and outside
the phone for quick verification during security sweeps to
discourage unauthorized repair or
No hands-free microphone
Supports four line/programmable feature keys, 12 fixed keys
and four context-sensitive soft-label keys
High-resolution, adjustable tilt, 320x160 pixel grayscale display
Four-way navigation cluster with “OK” key maximizes ease of
use and flexibility in navigation
Should local AC power be required, power
Fixed and soft-label keys
Power (approximate)
supply 700434897 and power cord
Ten fixed keys (speaker, mute, volume,
405362641 would need to be purchased
headset, contacts, menu, call log, mes-
sage, phone, TSG hold/mute)
Secured communications with standards-
based signaling encryption, media encryp-
Power dissipation: 5 watts max utilization, 4 watts typical
Local AC power adapter supported (100-
Four context-sensitive soft-label keys
240 VAC, 50/60Hz power adapter deliver-
makes using telephone features easy
ing +48V DC @ 417mA LPS)
tion and user-based authentication for
network access control
Navigation cluster
Audio Quality of Service
Lockable Tools Menu offers local access
up, down arrows) plus ‘OK’ key
to configuration, diagnostic and user preference options
Added convenience with field upgradeable firmware using Trivial File Transfer
Technical specifications
Avaya Communication Manager
Avaya IP Office
Operating temperature
802.1ab Link Layer Discovery Protocol for
Relative humidity
network auto-discovery and inventory
Size (L x W x H)
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For more information about how Avaya
Government Solutions IP Telephone solutions
may be leveraged to help grow revenue and
- 9.1 x 7.4 x 4.25 inches
• Weight (phone, handset, and handset
- 3.2 lbs
5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Downloadable (customized) screen saver
+4°C to +49°C/+40°F to +120°F
x 160 pixel, fully bitmapped, backlit
enhances viewing
with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
High-resolution, graphical grayscale, 320
Backlit LCD with local contrast settings
Supports echo cancellation and silence
Standards-based signaling encryption
Dimensions and Weight
802.1p/Q, DiffServ and VLAN tagging of
telephony LAN port traffic
Protocol, 802.1x (MD-5)
Platform support
Static and Full Dynamic Host Control
G722, G.711 a- and mu-law, G.729A/B,
User Selectable Ringtones
Administration and Security
Protocol (TFTP)
Four-way navigation cluster (left, right,
reduce costs, contact your Avaya Government
Solutions Sales Representative, Avaya
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avayagov.com and search under Products >
Unified Communications > Phones.
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About Avaya Government Solutions
Avaya Government Solutions is a network-centric integrator converging IT services and
intelligent communications to help government ensure the security, livelihood, and well being
of its citizens. We deliver a comprehensive portfolio of technology and high-end services
capable of meeting the demands of the most complex and important systems in the world.
Headquartered in Fairfax, VA, Avaya Government Solutions engineers, deploys and manages
mission-critical solutions for government, including homeland security, criminal justice and
intelligence, defense and civilian agencies within the U.S. Federal Government and at state
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