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Troubleshooting Exam
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Exact Questions
Avaya - 3313
Question #:1
When troubleshooting a stand-alone Avaya Aura® Media Server (AAMS) issues, you may need to use packet
capture tools to view the data messages being sent to and from the various system components.
Which tool can you use to capture packets and display a detailed view of the packet data?
A. Wireshark
B. Tcpdump
C. Avaya Grep
D. Pscan
Answer: C
Question #:2
If web Services Security is enabled, which three issues will you see unless the correct certificates have been
imported to relevant machines? (Choose three.)
A. Certificate warning messages when browsing CCMA
B. TLS Link between AACC and AES IS disconnected
C. Avaya Agent Desktop (AAD) does not launch successfully
D. TLS Link between AACC and CM disconnected
Answer: A B D
Question #:3
At an elevated level, engineers have designed the architecture of SIP around four (4) varieties of components.
Which SIP entity is comprised of two sub-components, where one component initiates SIP requests and the
other component responds to requests?
A. SIP Gateway
B. Back-to-Back User Agent
C. SIP Gateway Manager
D. User Agent
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Exact Questions
Avaya - 3313
Answer: D
Question #:4
In a SIP-enabled Avaya Aura® Contact Center (AACC) deployment, a typical incoming call goes through the
following sequence of steps:
1. The incoming call arrives at the switch.
2. The switch routes the call to the Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS) based on the routing plan.
What is the next step in the sequence?
A. The SIP Gateway Manager suspends the call. No audio path is established until the call is answered by
an agent.
B. The call is redirected to a SIP URI on the Session Manager and an H.323 session is established.
C. The call is answered by the SIP Gateway Manager and a Real- Time Transport protocol (RTP) session is
D. The CCMS anchors the call on an Avaya Aura® Media server conference port.
Answer: C
Question #:5
When viewing the Multimedia Dashboard, the CCMM Contacts by type section displays status counts for
which multimedia contact States? (Choose three.)
A. New
B. Abandoned
C. Oldest
D. Closed
E. Waiting
Answer: A B E
Question #:6
While investigating an issue with Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS), you discover that the Task Flow
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Exact Questions
Avaya - 3313
Executor (TFE) frequently restarts. In an effort to discover the cause of the restarts, you decide to review the
TFE log file.
Which file contains the most recent TFE logs?
A. D:\Avaya\l_ogs\CCMS\CCMS_TFE_1
B. D:\Avaya\Logs\CCMS_TFE_5
C. D:\Avaya\Logs\CCMS\TFE_1
D. D:\Avaya\Logs\CCMS\CCMS_TFE_5
Answer: B
Question #:7
A technician is using the Avaya Grep tool to extract and debug Contact Center Call specific logs.
On the Search tab of the Avaya Grep tool, which three Search Parameters can be used to find Call IDs?
(Choose three.)
A. SIP Call Log ID
B. Customer Phone Number
C. CSTA/TR87 Call ID
Answer: A B C
Question #:8
You are in the process of troubleshooting the Contact Center License Manager.
You must confirm that the server identified in the Contact Center License Manager Registry key matches the
Contact Center License Manager server configured in which utility?
A. Access and partition Manager
B. server configuration
C. Contact center Management
D. Multimedia Administration Tool
Answer: A
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Exact Questions
Avaya - 3313
Question #:9
A Contact Center administrator requires information on Contact Center components such as skillset properties,
application properties, agent properties, and CDN properties.
Which Historical Report folder (category) should be examined?
A. Contact Summary
B. Configuration
C. Agent Performance
D. Call-by-Call
Answer: A
Question #:10
The Avaya Aura® Contact Center installer initiates a series of individual application installations, with each
one creating its own log file.
If an application installation fails, which directory provides detailed logs on the installation failure?
A. C:Avaya\Logs\Sysops\MSiLogs
B. C: Avaya\Logs\Sysops\UniversalInstall
C. C: Avaya\Logs\Sysops\MSiLogs\ContactCenterManagerAdministration
D. C: Avaya\Logs\Sysops\MSiLogs\InstallLogs
Answer: A
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