U15 SERIES - Basketball BC


U15 SERIES - Basketball BC
Basketball BC U15 Club Championships U15 SERIES
www.basketball.bc.ca/clubchampionships DATES
June 5-­‐7, 2015 LOCATION
Langley Events Centre, Langley BC
ENTRY FEE $400 + $15/Basketball BC Membership per athlete and coach $450: Non-­‐Member Rate per team not registered with Basketball BC* EVENT HIGHLIGHTS
Boys/Girls divisions 3 games minimum BCBOA officiating Free parking HOW TO REGISTER
May 22, 2015 • Registration (online) • Roster (online) • Entry Fee EVENT CONTACT
Stephanie Rudnisky/ [email protected] / 604.455.2813 ADDITIONAL DETAILS
All players must have a birthdate of 2000 or later. Or be in first year of grade 9. Teams must have validation documents (birth certificate or principal declaration of grade) at each game for viewing if asked. If challenged, failure to be able to prove a participant’s eligibility will make that athlete ineligible. Players may ONLY play for one team per tournament It is anticipated that multiple divisions for boys and 1-­‐2 divisions for girls, structured to allow for as equitable competition as possible. A is considered to be a higher competitive level than B and B higher than C. However please note the final amount of divisions SEEDING GUIDELINES
will be dictated by various factors including total # of teams entered. Basketball BC reserves the right to place teams in a particular division (see guidelines) Basketball BC will be the final determinant of number of divisions per gender, what division a team is in and their seeding. Basketball BC will use the following criteria (in no particular priority) along with any other pertinent information to determine divisions and seeding: •
Quantity of player pool team drawn from Tournament and game results Team history (previous provincial tournament results) Team average age/grade Time team has been together Team preference If necessary Friday games will be in the evening Efforts will be made (no guarantee) to allow out of Lower Mainland teams to play only the last two days of the tournament if tournament is over 3 days (may mean 3 games in one day). Please indicate if that is your preference. ROSTER NOTES
Teams must have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 15 on their roster. A minimum of 8 MUST be available for every game or the team may be subject to forfeiture unless opposing team agrees to allow the team to play with less players. TOURNAMENT RULES
See rules outline for summary of rules
Basketball BC will have preferred rates available to travelling teams at the Sandman Hotel in Langley. See Accommodation sheet on website for info.