Solution Overview Holistic Defense Against


Solution Overview Holistic Defense Against
Holistic Defense Against Evolving Security Threats
Risk Fabric platform powers four business solutions: Insider Threat, Outsider Threat, Attack Surface Threat, and High
Privilege Access Threat. The solutions deliver complete threat visibility and actionable intelligence by detecting and
contextualizing anomalous user behavior, continuously monitoring high privilege access across users and systems, and
proactively identifying exploitable high value assets.
The four “out of the box”
solutions together provide
comprehensive threat protection
through early detection and
predictive protection. Insider
threat and outsider threat
enable organizations with early
detection of threats before it is
too late. Attack surface and high
privilege access threat solutions
provide predictive protection
to organizations across users,
systems and applications.
Insider Threat
Outsider Threat
Attack Surface
High Privilege
Access Threat
Insider Threat
Risk Fabric provides a packaged solution to identify
the top insider threats in an organization. The solution
generates a prioritized list of insider threats and
automated incident management workflow - through
escalation, just in time training, and bulk remediation.
Outsider Threat
Risk Fabric provides a packaged solution to identify the top
outsider threats in an organization by correlating outside
attacks to insider malicious activity. The solution correlates
across perimeter activity, user behavior and systems to
provide a prioritized list of outsider threats that can be
automatically remediated.
Insider Threat
Find the evil in the noise
Early Threat Detection
Outsider Threat
Correlate the attacks to insider threats
Comprehensive Threat Protection
High Privilege Access Threat
Visibility into misuse of privilege access
Attack Surface Threat
Every company has critical assets that
they need to protect above all else.
Attack surface is where organizations’
most valuable (and often the most
vulnerable) assets are stored. Risk
Fabric provides a packaged solution
to proactively identify, predict, and
prioritize your organization’s most
critical assets that are prone to attack.
Predictive Protection
Attack Surface Threat
Proactive list of exploitable assets
High Privilege Access Threat
Risk Fabric provides a packaged
solution to automatically identify
unusual system and account
access, and continuously monitor
high privilege accounts to prevent
misuse of privilege access. The
solution provides proactive
counterintelligence for high privilege
accounts and high risk users.
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